Comprehensive Cybersecurity Platform for the Digital Era

Staying ahead of the latest security threats is a big challenge for any organization. Most organizations are unable to deal with increasing cyber threats because it either takes them too long to identify them or takes them time to stop them from inflicting damage once the organizations have been breached.

Many silo solutions exist to solve different issues for the enterprise security. This brings significant complexity and integration challenges along with increased operational costs. Also, needless to say, there are security gaps created by silo's noise.

Seceon is at the forefront of cybersecurity with industry’s leading Open Threat Management Platform to visualize, detect and remediate cyber threats as soon as they happen, while dramatically lowering IT costs. It provides zero-trust security for an enterprise in the digital era.

  • Comprehensive Visibility: Real-time visualization of all assets with a comprehensive view of organization’s users, applications and traffic.
  • Unified Threat Detection: Proactive threat detection of unknown and known threats in real-time.These include, malwares, botnets, insider threats, compromised credentials, APTs, DDoS attacks, etc.
  • Automatic Threat Remediation: The OTM platform helps to eliminate and contain threats in real-time.

Seceon is singularly focused on enabling organizations to see and stop cyber threats in real-time in order to secure the organizations. The OTM has a periscopic view of the network, applications, users and flows (north-south and east-west) and ties in Seceon TIQTM into a global context for a 360 degree view. Powered by advanced data collection and analysis, machine learning and patent-pending predictive and behavioral analytics, Seceon’s OTM provides customers with a proverbial security operations center.

•  Ingests raw data, for e.g., packets, flows, etc.
• No agent and alert fatigue with real-time detection of known and unknown threats reduces Mean-Time-To-Identify (MTTI).
• No rules to be constantly updated and applied which reduces Mean-Time-To-Correct (MTTC).

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