Empower enterprises to detect and stop all known and new cyber attacks

We are laser focused on detecting and eradicating cyber security threats in Real-Time.

The world is becoming numb at hearing how rampant and unstoppable data breaches have become. These data breaches continue to go undetected for many days and sometimes months or years, despite businesses deploying today’s best cyber security solutions and armies of trained professionals. More often than not, threats and data breaches are only detected after the damage has been done. Worse yet, 90% of businesses cannot afford such measures as ineffective as they are. Today’s businesses and government organizations need a cost effective fully automated solution that actually detects and stops or eliminates the threats in real time.

 Our approach is to apply advanced data collection and analysis, machine learning and patent-pending predictive and behavioral analytics to detect threat behaviors – both machine and human originated in real-time. To do this we collect metadata from every data flow in motion. If it moves we will see it. Next we apply a set of advanced threat models and use machine-learning algorithms to catch the threats. In order to do this we must apply machine learning to differentiate threat behavior from those behaviors that are normal. We then correlate these behaviors together to confirm the threat and determine its confidence score. Our architecture approach allows the solution to be deployed on the premises, in the cloud or in hybrid environments. Finally we provide the means to contain or eliminate the threats as they are detected in real-time.

We do all these with an open system, which means we can leverage existing solutions such as SIEMs and Next Generation Firewalls to take their outputs as inputs along side what we collect and can provide our results through our API to any third party compliance/audit tracking system.