Seceon’s Threat Management platform has the ability to analyze data of any suspicious behavior and provide a record of who did what, when and where with a complete record of any insider employee’s activities. It alerts analysts of any risky behavior and when an insider or process is likely to steal data. This real-time visibility, remediation and alerting is unique to Seceon and highly effective for financial institutions.

Seceon’s Holistic Behavioral Detection Engine has the ability to collect data directly or from your SIEM platform using a number of specialized connectors we have built. Our countless numbers of API’s allows you to seamlessly integrate your device to our open advanced threat platform. Keeping in mind the great speed that is needed for financial networks to operate, Seceon is optimized to operate without affecting performance of the network where it is deployed.

A great example of this would be how Seceon’s customers have successfully detected and stopped users from leaving with data even before the employee has announced they were departing from the organization. In one case, an employee had downloaded thousands of customer files and was going to send it to their Box account. Seceon’s Open Threat Management platform  saved the day by detecting this activity and alerting the security analysts who automatically remediated the threat before the data could leave the company network.

Seceon’s Open Threat Management platform offers Real-time data collection, Holistic Behavioral Detection and analysis, precise insider threat detection and a lightweight footprint that provides the most effective data protection solution for any financial institution.