Governments around the world are prompted by many internet security threats each day. Governments contain various amounts of sensitive information ranging from personal citizen information to law and military intelligence. With an inability to see the plethora of threats and security flaws, all private data is at risk. This is where Seceon Incorporated steps in with a solution.  

Seceon has the ability to collect data directly or from your SIEM platform using a variety of special connectors we have customly built. Since our API systems are loosely coupled, you can seamlessly integrate your device to the open advanced threat platform. Seceon’s Holistic Behavioral Detection Engine learns how your business operates and finds suspicious activity. Then, it can alert the business with potential security flaws and threats to protect it.

A great example where Seceon’s Open Threat Management Platform would work is the Snowden case. Snowden was an administrator for the NSA who dealt with very sensitive information. He was able to sneakily download top secret information about the government.  These actions include accessing new data using different credentials from his machine, downloading the data to an endpoint from data sources that had never been accessed, and violations of USB usage policies.

  Seceon’s Open Threat Management Platform would have tracked Snowden's actions and alerted the business of a serious threat. The platform would have recognized all these security flaws and alerted the security administrators. When a user within an organization becomes a threat, Seceon’s Open Management Platform will be there to catch their activities accurately.