HIPAA ensures that every citizen's medical records are kept safe and secure. Federal law in the United States enforce that healthcare providers cooperate with HIPAA rules, especially with electronically transmitted health data. With electronically transmitted health data, it is a vital guideline to track who has accessed, modified, or erased all healthcare data.

The HIPAA regulation has gotten stricter about these rules. In order to comply, security managers of an organization need to work much harder to match the HIPAA standards. Seceon’s Open Threat Management Platform has the ability to improve security to ensure that a healthcare organization can easily mee HIPAA standards. The solution is the visualization of risks and threats within the organization along with analytical risk assessments and audits. Seceon’s platform tracks all user behavior involved with healthcare data. Whether a user is accessing the data, modifying it, or deleting it, all of this activity is recorded. Seceon also isn’t just a network logger. It has the ability to generate and capture flows and packets to catch a risk at the most precise measure.

Out of the box, Seceon has easy to configure reporting and shows non-complaint users along with risk and threats in real-time. Seceon’s unique Holistic Behavioral Engine predicts and alerts security analysts with the recommended remediation when breaches are likely to occur and offers a complete forensic record of behavior and events leading up to the breach, as well as any records that may have been compromised. Security analysts or managers can take this a step further and automate the remediation through the Seceon Open Threat Management platform. Seceon offers complete visibility and security posture to all healthcare organizations.