High Tech

When a company commits to creating new software, they know that the intellectual property is extremely valuable, but only for a short period of time. If it is stolen, the company will suffer. Similarly to other organizations. High-Tech companies work with numerous partners, geographically-distributed development centers, and outsourced services. High-tech companies also have many employees that are very valuable to the company. Consequently, these employees have a lot of access to confidential information. Some examples of this crucial data includes a variety of proprietary designs such as source code and application design files. If these files are taken, then all their ideas are now compromised.

Seceon quickly and accurately detects alerts and reacts to insider and outsider attacks attempting to steal data while not interfering with employees. Collecting data flow and events, SIEMS and endpoints, Seceon isn’t limited by data type and uses behavioral analysis to eliminate white noise and false positives.

This allows even the smallest security teams to effectively defend attacker who want to compromise confidential data. If you don’t have a an SIEM, data can just be pulled directly off the sources. 

Seceon is able to collect data directly or from your SIEM platform using a number of connectors we have built specially. With our numerous amounts of APIs, you are able to seamlessly implement our software to your devices. The collected data is aggregated in Seceon’s Big Data platform and then analyzed by oir behavioral analytics architecture. The Seceon Holistic Behavioral Detection Engine adapts and learns how your organization operates. It is then able to detect any abnormal actions to report. Connecting events, flows, and packets of a user's machine will all play a role in whether an alert shall be sent to a security manager.