Seceon OTM performs better than SIEM+MSS+MDR


Seceon OTM can be installed and operational in minutes and requires little or no provisioning. There are no rules to import and customize, no signatures to pull in, no complicated filters that need optimization.  It just works – out of the box.

For many small to medium size enterprises, OTM serves as the primary cyber security threat prevention tool that can be very easy to install, monitor and operate by even IT Staff.

For large enterprises, OTM helps the security experts by automating most of the day-

to-day cyber security threat indicators monitoring operation and allowing them to
spend their time more in designing cyber security prevention strategies for real threat alerts that matter rather than mundane work of threat indicators correlations and figuring out if those are real threats or not.

For managed service providers, OTM helps by improving the efficiency of senior security consultants, who are very hard to find and whose time is a costly MSP resource that needs to be spent wisely on cyber security issues that really matter rather than on mundane tasks.

Automated Threat Detection and Remediation in Real-time

Seceon OTM solution detects all forms of threats in minutes, not days and allows automated remediation within seconds. It is a data driven analytics solution that is moving from reactive approach to cyber security threats to predictive threat modeling. The platform provides comprehensive visualization of the threats and most importantly single line persistent alerts that are listed by criticality rather than generating thousands of threat indicators as many other products do. OTM uses a combination of static rules, real time Threat feeds, behavioral analytics and machine learning to correlate various threat indicators and detect threats that matter.


Most Security platforms will show each individual threat indicators that are shown here as separate threats with no correlation and it’s left to your security analysts to go figure this out. Moreover the  logs are coming from separate network and server entities, that may even be managed by separate teams. It requires an expensive human effort to weed all of the logs to correlate and isolate real alerts from the white noise. It’s like finding needle in haystack. OTM does all of this for you and adds tremendous operational efficiency.


However, what is the use of finding the threats in real-time, if you cannot prevent the data breach from happening in real-time. This is where Seceon OTM is unique from the most other security products. Seceon OTM will contain and eliminate the threat in real-time, thereby preventing the data breaches from happening in the first place.test-remed


Immediate ROI

Seceon OTM solution allows for cost effective deployment on a pay as you go model for organizations of any size and immediately provides cost savings through operational efficiency. The Alerts and Performance Dashboards show what are the top applications, hosts and servers involved in the most vulnerabilities as well as those involved in generating and receiving most network traffic.



Typically most security solutions like next-generation FWs and SIEMs can generate many alerts that can be overwhelming for team of security analysts to process. Seceon OTM not only processes them through their feed, but also correlates them with other feeds and surfaces the real handful of alerts that need attention. The security analyst only needs to review major or critical alert improving their operational efficiency and lowering operational costs.

Cost of data breaches is rising for any industry and it also varies for the industry based on the organization size and importance and legal aspects of the data that is stolen. Seceon OTM surfaces, contains and eliminates all known as well as new threat in real time. The pay as you go model ensures it is cost effective for organizations of any size.  Seceon’s OTM can be deployed in premise, on public or private cloud and across geographic locations allowing complete flexibility.

Compliance and Risk Management using Seceon’s OTM Platform

Regulatory compliance requirements are quite frankly arduous and becoming increasingly pervasive in all organizations. Majority of the organizations adopt a very reactive approach when it comes to dealing with compliance. Seceon’s OTM Platform help organizations to remain compliant with the regulatory norms by helping you visualize your environment, conducts analysis & creates compliance reports, and also provides access to data during the compliance audits. 

The Platform focuses on three compliance regulations:

NIST framework:
NIST comprises of guidelines that can help organizations identify, implement, and improve cybersecurity practices. Moreover, it creates a common framework for internal and external communication of cybersecurity issues.


Identifies all your assets such as, Network, Host and User inventory and access monitoring with comprehensive reporting

Protects your assets by threat detection and containment in real-time via advanced ML algorithms and correlations engine

Detects incidents using 30 different threat models unlike endpoint security or UEBA  models

Responds with an automatic remediation in real-time by policy enforcements

Recovers normal operations by quarantining users and hosts

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):
GDPR was adopted in the European Union (EU) on April 27, 2016, and it will become law on May 25, 2018. It is designed to affect in three key areas: data protection, reporting data breaches and analysis.

Detect and contain unauthorized access in real-time
Whitelists users and hosts
File copy and transfer – who is copying which file and when?


Daily and weekly reports are centered around who is touching which asset and so on

Store and analyze data for years

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA):
HIPAA was enacted as a multi-tiered approach that set out to improve the health insurance system. It has specifications that ensure the confidentiality and privacy of protected health information.

Tracks user account management
 Windows AD and Reports

Data access rules
Whitelists and policy violations

Integrity Monitoring

Policy violations, permission changes

Audit Trail
Reports – DMCA, asset groups, whitelists