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What analysts are saying about Seceon OTM…


Andrew Kellet, Principal Analyst
On why to put Seceon’s OTM on your radar…

“Security vendors and service providers that can make significant improvements to cyber-threat detection rates and reduce the time taken to find and fix security breaches have an important role to play. Seceon’s approach to these issues is driven by its combined use of analytics, machine learning, and adaptive detection algorithms to identify and block cyber-attacks, improve detection rates, and prioritize remediation activity.”


Enteprise Management Associates
David Monahan, Senior Analyst

“Analyzing data from a wide range of sources and distilling the results greatly reduces the urgent workload of analysts. As a result, OTM can become a force multiplier, enabling a smaller staff to provide better coverage by focusing their efforts. It might even free up people to do more big-picture work.”


 IHS Infonetics Research
Jeff Wilson, Senior Research Director, Cybersecurity Technology

“Most organizations have massive investments in threat mitigation infrastructure, and in most cases, that infrastructure is layers and layers of products purchased to solve specific problems. The real missing ingredient for organizations who are trying to meaningfully shrink their threat exposure window is a data-gathering and analytics layer that connects to their entire infrastructure; one that distills disparate threat indicator data and identifies critical threat events and then builds a plan to respond to those events.”


Andrew Kellet, Principal Analyst

“Too many organizations continue to be breached by security threats that should be detected. Once a break-in has taken place, detection and remediation times at an average of around 200 days remain far too high. More effort is needed to improve threat identification rates and remediation timelines. Two issues are important in achieving these objectives: the ability to deal with a higher percentage of cyber-attacks as they occur, and the contextual knowledge to prioritize workloads to deal with the threats that are likely to cause the most damage to a business and its customers.”
“The OTM platform incorporates a fast and easy to deploy risk mitigation approach.”

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