Open Threat Management 101.

Webinar Cyber Security for Digital-Era.

Merry Christmas,Happy New Year
from whole Seceon Team.

Seceon Co-Founder,Gary Southwell,
discusses about Seceon's OTM.

SeaChange Director of IT discusses
how Seachange uses Seceon’s OTM

in it’s environment.

Gambit CEO discusses why
they choose to partner with

IUVO CEO discusses why they
choose to partner with Seceon.

Seceon Co-Founder, Gary
Southwell, discusses what
drove the founding of Seceon.

Explanation of how Seceon’s
famous OTM detects and
contains threats.

Ray Mota puts Chandra Pandey,
SECEON founder and CEO, on
ACG hot seat to answer his candid


Randy Paffenroth discusses
the use and importance of
machine learning to detect

Plexxi’s Antony Farrow discusses 
why Plexxi selected Seceon’s OTM
platform to secure it’s environment.

Customer Insight.