Today's organizations have seen an exponential increase in threat surface due to wide adoption of BYOD, VPN users, Hybrid Cloud Strategy and the sophistication of threat itself. This requires a solution that protects the entire infrastructure, every device, user, and application. Current security products such as next-gen firewalls, SIEMs, anti-virus and other technical band-aids alone are not sufficient at detecting and stopping the majority of the modern cyber security attacks.

Seceon was founded on the concept that there had to be a better way to detect today’s threats – one that works on all forms of today’s advanced threats.  Seceon’s solution is built around detecting the threats and the threat actors by how they behave. Seceon’s OTM Platform automatically surfaces all the risks within an organizations environment, including those never seen before to deliver unparalleled visibility into internal and external threats. It’s like having a SOC team in the box.

Traditional Approach

Most security platforms are highly specialized tools that work in silos. They require static rules that need to be manually updated. They generate lot of logs (millions of logs per day) and almost 80% of those require additional follow up and almost same number of those are usually false positives.

It’s good to detect known threats, but still fails in many cases of compromised credentials, APT and insider threats.

Most tools require specialized security consultant teams irrespective of the size of organization. The security consultants need to deal with large amount of data from different sources and make sense out of them – almost like finding a needle in haystack.

OTM Approach

Seceon OTM moves away from point tools to an unified threat modeling approach based on data-driven from most point tools and network infrastructure as well as end-point. It surfaces only threats that matter and reduces all white noise completely, requiring minimal monitoring and saving operational expense.

Seceon OTM detects all kinds of known as well as new threats including insider threat, compromised credentials and APT.

Seceon OTM acts as a SoC-in-Box requiring least expertise in small to medium size businesses and improving the efficiency of specialized security consultants in medium to large enterprises. Automation comes built in with the OTM.

Product Description

Seceon Open Threat Management, OTM, is a cyber security advanced threat management platform that visualizes, detects, and eliminates threats in Real-time.

It provides a simple, comprehensive, fully automated approach to detecting and stopping the threats that matter.



Seceon OTM addresses the enterprise need for a Security Operations Center,

SOC, in a box to detect and stop threats in real time.

Seceon OTM leverages unmatched combination of behavioral analysis, machine learning and dynamic threat intelligence to detect and contain known as well as unknown cyber security threats. The solution is completely agent-less, can work in any hybrid cloud architecture, and can scale to any enterprise size.

SOC in a box:  Simple Setup and Automated Operation -

Seceon OTM can install and be up and running within 4 hours, with minimal to no provisioning.  There are no rules to import and customize, no signatures to pull in, no complicated filters that need optimization.  It just works – out of the box. 

Adaptive and Comprehensive Visualization -

Solution builds a comprehensive view of how your users, devices, applications, and interact. The solution uses a combination of algorithms and machine learning techniques to generate behavior analytics that detect threat indicators. These threat indicators are correlated together and qualified to determine if they build up to actual threats. These threat alerts are displayed in clear concise jargon free language, that indicate the type of threat the sources and the targets. This makes it easy for untrained staff to understand at a glance as to what is happening and which actions to take to eliminate the threat.


Immediate ROI -

offered on a monthly fee per protected device. It allows for cost effective deployment on a pay as you go model for organizations of any size. It saves money by reducing the number of security tools required while dramatically reducing operational expenses.



Surfaces only Threats that Matter and allows Remediation in Real-Time

Seceon OTM solution detects all forms of threats in minutes, not days and allow automated remediation within seconds.  The platform provides comprehensive visualization of the threats and most importantly single line persistent alerts that are listed by criticality rather than generating thousands of threat indicators as many other products do.

Unlike traditional solutions built around static rules and signatures that are good at finding threats that have been seen before, Seceon’s OTM Platform automatically surfaces all the threats within an organizations’ environment, including those never seen before to deliver unparalleled visibility into internal and external threats.


Use Cases