Governments around the world are prompted by many internet security threats each day. Governments contain various amounts of sensitive information ranging from personal citizen information to law and military intelligence. With an inability to see the plethora of threats and security flaws, all private data is at risk. This is where Seceon Incorporated steps in with a solution. First, Seceon has the ability to collect


Seceon’s Threat Management platform has the ability to analyze data of any suspicious behavior and provide a record of who did what, when and where with a complete record of any insider employee’s activities. It alerts analysts of any risky behavior and when an insider or process is likely to steal data. This real-time visibility, remediation and alerting is unique to Seceon and highly effective for financial institutions.


While an employee browses the web on a large businesses network, he or she becomes infected with a severe computer virus. This virus has the ability to travel through a VPN and infect as many systems as it can. Unfortunately, its endpoint technology and SIEM aren’t smart enough to even detect the attack, which means it’s already too late and the company is compromised. This attack is seen too often in the news just



A large university has a very diverse population. Students, professors, and others store valuable data such as research, test plans, results, and procedures. This sensitive information is often shared across with other students or professors. Universities recommend that this data should not be saved locally, but few have the capability to ensure this happens.Therefore, these universities rely on log analysis to identify non-compliance along with threats.



The HIPAA ensures that every citizen's medical records are kept safe and secure. Federal law in the United States enforce that healthcare providers cooperate with HIPAA rules, especially with electronically transmitted health data. With electronically transmitted health data, it is a vital guideline to track who has accessed, modified, or erased all healthcare data.The HIPAA regulation has gotten stricter about these rules. In order to comply, security managers of an organization

High Tech


When a company commits to creating a new software, they know that the IP is an extremely valuable piece of information, but only for a short period of time. If its data is stolen, the company will suffer. Similarly to other organizations. High-Tech companies work with numerous partners, geographically-distributed development centers, and outsourced services. High-tech companies also have many employees that are very valuable to the company.Consequently, these employees have.