How To Find The Right Ransomware Detection Provider?

Seceon’s aiXDR gives you and your organization the security and safety that comes from accuracy, automation and versatility in threat detection. Under the hood, what really matters are the curated threat indicators and how those get rounded up with internal and external intelligence, followed by rapid remediation – real-time, notification driven and playbook based!

Internet is a collective consciousness that’s open for everyone to explore, grow, and become anyone they prefer. Or, you can call it a dumping around of millions of consciousness and sub-consciousness that’s never going offline or dying.

With such greatness of such a place, we also have threats that destroy people, businesses, and different consciousnesses at once.

Today, in this article, we will talk about ransomware. A threat defines a situation where something is stolen, and a return is possible if monetary demands are met.

If we define this threat in layman’s terms, it is where a kidnapper kidnaps a person and leaves a ransom note behind for people to find. Usually, the note asks for a certain amount of money to get back the kidnapped.

In the digital world, this situation is ransomware. It comes in many forms and is a major threat to business information and personal information. If you think you use powerful anti-virus software or some other kind of best anti-ransomware application. Let us clear one thing, if it happens, there is nothing that can stop it.

For instance, you are looking for a journal online. After an hour’s research and continuous term searching, you see a link where it is available. You click it and find that some file is downloading. You feel content knowing you have what you need.

But instead of showing you a journal you can read; it is installing something you cannot comprehend right away. You decide to turn off your device and restart it.

Then, the unimaginable happens when you enter your password and see all your files encrypted, and there is a notepad file on the desktop. And you open it, and you cannot believe your eyes; that’s where you realize your information is being held, hostage.

To avoid such instances, knowing and getting help from experts will safeguard you against such threats. Further, the things about ransomware you should know.

We also provide data recovery and ransomware protection services to our client’s products and services. Get in touch with us today for information on how we can help you.

 What’s Ransomware?

A malware threat stops a targeted user from accessing data or information until a ransom is delivered to the attacker. It involves encryption and withholding the decryption key of files and other information available in the targeted drive in a system. At times, the whole system gets locked, and a ransom note appears on the screen.

 Types of Ransomware:

There are many ransomware attacks, but three are common. A locker is malware that restricts access. It does not usually leave a ransom note behind but targets information stealing.

Then, we have crypto, one of the heard and seen ransomware globally; it restricts user access to stored information regardless of what data it is. Also, it leaves a ransom note behind in exchange for a decryption key. And usually, after paying the ransom, data never get recovered.  

Then, we have a spreader, which is mobile ransomware. A type that spreads from a mobile device or removable media to a system displays a ransom message big and big on the screen and threatens to disclose legal or illegal data unless a ransom is paid. In most cases, it is simply a threat that steals data.

 Attack Indicators:

When your system is under attack, it may show signs of slowing down and high activity of available resources.

For example, suppose your system is showing notification of unauthorized access attempts to hundreds of files. In that case, it means your system is infected; there is an anomalous file system activity trying to take control of your information.

Other indicators include increased CPU and disk activities without any actual stressor on the system and sudden inability to access specific files. It is a threat that encrypts, deletes, renames, and relocates information.

 What’s Ransomware Detection & Prevention?

Ransomware detection is a process to identify potentially infected systems. It can include antivirus scans, file extension checkups, important file renaming activity, and dubious outbound communication.

The prevention includes endpoint detection and response planning. It is a process that takes place when a system inspection detects ransomware presence. It includes backups and taking note of ransomware activity.

How to Protect

As expert cybersecurity experts, we will help you backup your data, patch and update your software, educate your end-users on malware spam, create strong passwords, and invest in endpoint detection and response strategy.

We do not pay the ransom and do not let our customers pay it. We create strongly encrypted backups on cloud servers, monitor suspicious activity, and develop and setup firewalls to stop the spread of such a threat throughout the network.

Potential Challenges

Of course, there are potential challenges if you never have a cybersecurity team or experts monitoring and securing your network, systems, and user activities.

Such challenges include decryption of encrypted information after an undetected ransomware attack, information leakage control if you do not agree to pay, and personal data leak handling.

As your cybersecurity expert, we will plan out a workable and suitable ransomware detection strategy and stop the threat before it does any harm after entering your systems and networks.

Here, you can take a note of quick tips: avoid installing any unsecured software, use paid antivirus software to have a little protection, keep your software, operating system, and network vulnerabilities updated, and create at least three backups.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a cybersecurity company to safeguard your systems, networks, and users, get in touch with us.

We will help you with every security measure you need to take to stay away from attacks, such as DarkSide (2021), Ryuk (2018), or WannaCry (217).

With Seceon Inc.’s advanced threat detection and remediation and aiSIEM, your information will avoid seeing the dirty acts of cybercriminals. We understand companies of all sizes have fallen victim to data breaches, but Seceon aiSIEM detects and automatically responds to ransomware attacks, and secure your systems and networks.

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