The biggest problem with data breaches these days is the fact that 95 percent of attacks infiltrate or corrupt data within a few hours of the breach. This gives security personnel hardly any time to react. Enter Seceon. The organization has developed an approach that deploys analysis of all traffic, flows and processes, in and out of the network. This is then correlated near-simultaneously with behavioural analytics, giving view to zero-day exploits, surfacing threats and proposing responses in near-record real-time. The advantage of using Seceon’s technology is that its approach can be easily deployed within a few hours, in organizations of any size, with little to no cybersecurity expertise required of the enterprise or service provider staff.

Thanks to Seceon’s quick responsiveness, companies typically save tens of millions of dollars that are usually spent addressing data loss, clean-up, and customer mitigation issues. Seceon also lowers capital expense by reducing the number of cybersecurity tool subscriptions, and minimizing operational costs by eliminating or reducing operational time and resources typically spent on building threat monitoring and investigation capabilities. Seceon’s Open Threat Management (OTM) platform provides customers with a proverbial security operations team and is powered by advanced data collection and analysis, machine learning and patent-pending predictive and behavioural analytics.

Determined to detect and respond to breaches in real-time, Seceon embarked on its mission three years ago to empower enterprises to detect, respond to and eliminate all known and new cyber threats, sparking the development of Seceon’s innovative OTM platform. The OTM platform provides the industry’s first and only fully automated threat detection and elimination software system. Its subscription-based, environment-agnostic solution detects all forms of threats as they happen, without the need of human intervention, and automatically stops them in minutes.

Seceon OTM is all about doing cybersecurity RIGHT for each and every enterprise. We deliver comprehensive cybersecurity for the digital era, protecting customers from all types of known and unknown threats automatically. Using dynamic threat models, machine learning and artificial intelligence, we can perform billions of actions per second, detecting and alerting on threats faster than any human could ever do. We can implement our platform within minutes and ingest raw data from networks, applications, hosts andidentities to enable visibility, proactive detection and real-time elimination of threats, empowering organizations to focus on their core competencies and business growth instead of worrying about cybersecurity.”

The automation of the disjointed, time-consuming and complex tasks of threat monitoring, detection and elimination has enabled Seceon OTM to free staff to address threats quickly without disrupting critical business processes. By anticipating attackers’ behaviour choices, it enables organizations to see and stop threats as they happen, thereby preventing risk, and damage or loss of valuable information. It is purpose-built to be operationally efficient and installation-friendly, which allows effective deployment within a few hours of installation in an organization of any size, regardless of security staff training.. Read More

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