Secure Design launches A “SOC-in-a-Box” for SMB and ISP customers - Seceon

New strategic partnership with Seceon, Inc. enables SDI to proactive detection and elimination of malware, compromised credentials, DDoS, Zero Day threats delivered into the network by phishing and encrypted traffic.

We are excited to announce a new strategic partnership with Seceon, Inc., the developer of the award-winning Open Threat Management (OTM) platform. Seceon’s OTM detects and stops the most dangerous and costly threats as they happen, setting the bar much higher for cyber-criminals seeking to exploit weaknesses.

SDI’s current and potential customers can now operate with the level of protection provided by a Security Operations Center (SOC) staffed by teams of security professionals. Through SDI, Seceon’s OTM solution will give SMB end-users better “peace-of-mind” and the ability to concentrate on building their business without the threat of catastrophic loss from cybercrime.

Seceon’s OTM is a veritable “SOC-in-a-Box”a real-time threat detection and elimination tool that enables a single SDI analyst to monitor both North-South as well as East-West traffic. By deploying Seceon’s OTM, we can now respond, and mitigate a large number of threats simultaneously across multiple customer networks. On deployment, the Seceon OTM solution seamlessly integrates with our existing arsenal of solutions, complementing our current technology partner SIEM and NGFW assets.

Seceon’s OTM product complements SDI’s long history of success in coupling network security solutions with second-to-none customer service. It’s a considerable value proposition to SMBs, as well as enterprises and organizations of all sizes, including private-label internet service providersand we’re very pleased to have it..See More

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