Will machine learning and AI become a new savior of security measures? Ask Seceon-founder, Chandra Pandey - Seceon

It is difficult to prevent cyber attacks perfectly even if multiple security tools are introduced anymore. Recently Wanna Cry of Ransomware wielded rage and the damage spread to all over the world. In small and medium-sized enterprises etc. that can not secure security experts, how can we deal with cyber attacks that are advanced sophisticated at all? Will machine learning and AI technology become a new savior of security measures?

 Even if you introduce multiple products such as firewalls and endpoint security now, it is difficult to protect your system against sophisticated attacks. To that end, attention is now being paid to the establishment of SOC (Security Operation Center) and CSIRT within the company. Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) is a computer security specialized team that monitors cyber attacks and responds promptly when security incidents occur.

 It would be possible to install CSIRT if it is a major company. What should I do if I can not afford a team of security experts such as SMEs? Seceon (Sekion) is providing a mechanism to protect the corporate system from the threat by using an AI and machine learning technology in such an integrated approach. We asked Chandra Pandy, CEO and founder of Seceon, how to deal with the threat with its solution.

Please tell me about the overview of Seceon.


Seceon is a cyber security company that performs an integrated approach. It uses AI and machine learning for threats, and it also features Seceon’s proprietary “Dynamic Threat Models”. We will provide this on an integrated platform called Seceon OTM. Seceon OTM captures streaming data, analyzes it in real time, and detects the threat. You can also remove threats automatically as well as detection.

 It is important to process in real time on a machine. When a person detects a threat, it can be too late when it becomes troublesome and it becomes troublesome to find out what kind of threat it is. With Seceon OTM, you can set up in just a few minutes and you can start operations immediately. Easy to use, operation can be left to the customer’s hands. You can quickly grasp where and what is going on, detect it in real time and stop the movement of the threat.

 Seceon OTM also has extensibility, so if data comes in in large quantities, you can add a platform as necessary and respond. By using the Docker container you can dynamically extend it. When installing, there is no need to do some system construction work. Once installed it will automatically learn threats.

What is the difference with other vendors’ solutions?

Many competitors take approaches from various functions to protect against threats. On the other hand, Seceon is a platform approach. Seceon OTM realizes a series of processing to detect and remove threats using streaming data on a single platform. The way of thinking differs from combining several functions. Much of the competition suggests countermeasures for areas that they are good at. Although each function may be easy to countermeasure, combining many functions makes it difficult to deal with in real time.

What is the main area of ​​use of Seceon’s solution?

Regions are deployed in the US, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and the Asia Pacific region and have already been installed in hundreds of companies. Managed security service providers that provide security services not only to general corporations but also to medium-sized small and medium-sized companies also adopt Seceon OTM. Industries and industries include a wide range of companies such as banking and insurance financial services, high-tech, manufacturing, education, healthcare. . Read full Interview here

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