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Too many alarms. Too few analysts.

Increase operational efficiency with AI-driven automation and
correlation, alert prioritization and actionable intelligence.

Too many SILOs. Too complex to manage.

Reduce integration gaps and complexity with one
unified platform that protects your data and entire infrastructure.

Too difficult to scale. Too much overhead.

Increase scalability while reducing complexity and cost
with a fully integrated MDR, MSS Multi-Tenant platform.

Seceon aiSIEM™

Real Time Answers to Real Time Threats.

Read about one of our largest MSSP Success Story and know how Seceon Solution is helping them to grow more day by day.

A complete effective guide to answer any question that comes in thought for a Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solution.

For IT Security leaders, CISOs, CIOs, CTOs and MSSPs in search of Defence in-depth, Uncluttered and Automated Solution.

When you think about how you secure your digital assets, business processes and data, here are a few challenges you’re probably facing…

By leveraging the power of Cyber Security Company Seceon’s cutting edge technologies, disruptive analytics and real-time processing you can leave your problems behind.

Cyber attacks and insider activities are rampant across the industries but there is a nimble, effective and low-touch solution that secures your digital assets smartly, without the noise

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aiSIEM™ + aiXDR™

Seceon aiSIEM, combined with aiXDR, is a comprehensive cybersecurity management platform that visualizes, detects ransomware detection, and eliminates threats in real-time, with continuous security posture improvement, compliance monitoring and reporting, and policy management.

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See what our partners and customers are saying about Seceon.

“Leveraging Seceon’s aiMSSP solution, we are now processing more than 700 million events per day with less than one percent rate of false positives and have increased the efficiency of our IT and SOC personnel by 77%.”

Grigori Milis

CTO, Richard Fleischman & Associates

“Great solution backed by a great team.” Seceon has been responsive and listens to the needs of our customers. Customer service is there for us when we have questions or need clarification on threat intelligence.

Manish Tiwari

Senior VP and Global CISO, Bharti Airtel

“It is imperative for an advanced security solution to stay ahead of the threat curve that constantly looms and shifts on the horizon. ADT has launched ADT-IQ service based on the Seceon aiMSSP solution to secure customers.”

Larry Cecchini

GM & Vice President, ADT Cybersecurity

“We get great value from Seceon Open Threat Platform in prioritization of Alerts with Dynamic Threat Models cor
relation of all logs, flows and enrichments with
 Machine Learning into single Alerts.”

Jim Godschall

Director of Information Technology, Bruker

“We strongly believe that the JKT and Seceon partnership will empower our customers to protect their business from malicious intruders by predicting real time security threats and eliminating them before doing major damage.”

Dr. Sanku Bose

CEO, JK Technosoft

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