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Webinars and Videos

Discussing Industry Challenges in Cybersecurity with Chandra, Founder & CEO at Seceon

Seceon Enabling MSPs, MSSPs to Add Value

And here’s one more among many – Logistic & Shipping Customer

Seceon – Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solution for Large Enterprise to Mid Size Businesses

Seceon aiXDR vs Other XDR

Webinar co-hosted by Ariya and Seceon : Detect and Surgically Stop Network-borne Threats.

Webinar co-hosted by JKT and Seceon : Feel Secure with revolutionary OTM Solution

Webinar co-hosted by JKT and Seceon : Cyber Security for the Digital Era

Webinar co-hosted by Genians and Seceon : Next-Gen NAC with AI-based SIEM

Webinar hosted by Seceon : Guidelines for building a SoC in Healthcare

Webinar in marathi : Comprehensive Cyber Security using ML and AI

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Innovation and Certification, 2022

The Program is to introduce :

1. Innovation added to the platform with hands-on training
2. Partners-driven innovation sessions with practical use cases from daily use of the platform (EFFICACY & EFFICIENCY)
3. Certification

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