Ransomware Detection aiXDR - Proactively Detect and Stop any Ransomware in early stages of attack

Are you distressed at the possibility of Ransomware Attack Solutions on your organization’s assets? Wondering how to set up defenses against REvil, Darkside, Maze and other malicious variants?

You’ve landed in the right place!

Seceon’s aiXDR gives you and your organization the security and safety against ransomware attack that comes from accuracy, automation and versatility in threat detection. Under the hood, what really matters are the curated threat indicators and how those get rounded up with internal and external intelligence, followed by rapid remediation – real-time, notification driven and playbook based!

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Seceon aiXDR detects ransomware in multiple stages by ….

  1. Relying on user and entity interactions to create baseline patterns
  2. Leveraging Machine Learning to uncover anomalous behavior (potentially suspicious)
  3. Applying Dynamic Threat Models on derived Threat Indicators to determine type of threat (Ransomware, Zero-Day malware, Brute-Force Attack etc)

Take advantage of comprehensive visibility across on-premise, hybrid, and cloud environment through a unified user interface and minimize the risks from lurking unknowns.

Protect your business with multi-layered security with Seceon is a ransomware detection company in New York, Boston, California, Massachusetts, USA, India, South Korea, Japan, United Kingdom, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Turkey, Germany, South Africa & Hong Kong.

Check out our resources on Ransomware and let us know if you would like a demo of the solution in real time.

What is ransomware detection?

Ransomware detection alert you when your files or digital information have been attacked and guides you through the process of restoring your files without damaging any files. Ransomware activity is a type of malware software that is designed to to infect a computer and remain undetected until it has achieved its objective. it block access to your files until you pay digital payment.

Seceon is the discoverer of the fully-automated, real-time cyber ransomware detection, containment and elimination platform to empower Enterprises and MSSPs with its award-winning high-tech solutions -aiSIEM, aiMSSP, aiXDR.

How to prevent ransomware with Seceon’s solutions?

All of the breaches can be stopped in the early stages of attacks by the Right Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solution rather than leaving you in huge loss investigation after the occurrence of the attack. Seceon is the viable solution. They provide ‘Comprehensive Cybersecurity for the Digital Era’ through the coalescence of Seceon’s Dynamic Threat Models, Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) with actionable contextual awareness.

In the case of ransomware, it is quite critical for a business or enterprise to curtail any probable damage by separating the endpoint or host quickly. Hence, the most discreet measure is to use existing endpoint management tools and take the compromised endpoints out of the network, both internal and external. Seceon with its EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) solution continuously monitors end-user devices to detect and respond to cyber threats. It uses several data analytics techniques to detect suspicious system behaviour and provides contextual information. EDR blocks the malicious attack and provides remediation recommendations to restore any affected system.

Seceon’s solutions:

All these award-winning solutions are built on the Open Threat Management platform to enable millions of assets to collect raw data such as streaming logs, network flows and identities from all apps, devices, network infrastructure and cloud infrastructure including SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, IoTs and IIoTs, as well as advanced threat intelligence to provide comprehensive visibility of users, hosts, applications, and services.

Most MSSPs using Seceon solutions are also growing their profit margins and in turn, getting acquired by the private equity or other large MSSPs. The organization focuses primarily on MSPs/MSSPs providing cybersecurity services to all Federal, State and Local agencies.

Seceon’s XDR and aiXDR:


XDR (Extended Detection and Response) is designed to help the security team identify highly sophisticated threats that are hidden across several organizational system components. XDR is developed as an evolution of solutions to problems like Endpoint detection and response and network traffic analysis. XDR can also take SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) one step ahead. For instance, when a SIEM platform creates an alert, XDR can automatically investigate the matter without having a security analyst manually do the investigation.


Today’s enterprises face unending resource and security infrastructure challenges. Oftentimes, they find it difficult to find a comprehensive platform that can automatically detect organizational threats and overcome the common challenges. Keeping this in mind, the aiXDR has been launched by Seceon in the year 2020. The aiXDR platform integrates aiSIEM use cases and extends its capacities by providing an Asset Management System. This system includes detail about fingerprints of the endpoints and provides information like Mac address, OS, OS version and the Hostname. One of the crucial use cases is the File Integrity Monitoring to help one easily track any modifications and changes made to important files.

Seceon’s Research and Development Team’s Innovations:

Besides malware detection, Seceon’s R&D team has come up with innovative solutions to solve other areas of corporate threats and insecurities. These include

  • Dealing with Brute Force Attack
  • Handling Insider threats
  • Solving data breach issues
  • Managing vernabilities across digital assets
  • Securing web application
  • Maintaining compliance
  • Detecting and preventing ransomware attack
  • Protecting Domain Name System
  • Monitoring Cloud asset

Seceon’s R&D innovations analyzes various threat indicators, algorithms and employ advanced technologies to provide a 360 degree view of an organization. This leaves very less room for guesswork and static rules.

4 Methods for Detecting Ransomware Activity

Ransomware one of the most concern causing attack that is coming us as a complete business model, it is highly destructive that cost million to trillions.

If it infects a system, network, user, or company, it creates chaos. The purpose of this attack is to extort money from the target. In many cases, the decrypt data and restore access is lost even after paying the asked amount.

In 2021, five ransomware attacks shook the cybersecurity industry. For instance, the breach of Colonial Pipeline, one of the damaging ones, the DarkSide syndicate, attacked the company’s billing and internal business network. It also created a widespread shortage in multiple areas, leaving no mercy.

Eventually, the company paid the demands of hefty 4.4 million dollars in bitcoin. (Now, cybercriminals demanding untraceable money, which is also a bigger threat.)

However, the chaos it rained was cripplingly scary. For sight, the consumers began to panic and ignored safety precautions. Most of them started hoarding gasoline unsafely, and there were uncountable fire incidents.

Later, as per The New York Times, the ransom was recovered with the help of trackable codes in the cryptocurrency movement and digital wallets. However, the authorities were unable to find the actual cyber-attackers.

One spokesperson said that even though much of the money was recovered, hacker groups are not backing down in the near future. There would be increased ransomware attacks, which would cripple our economy and many unsafe businesses.

If you ask yourself why you need ransomware detection and prevention service, think about the incident mentioned above. It is one of the notable attacks this year. You can search for other attacks and confirm your doubts.

The cybersecurity experts are here to safeguard your systems, networks, and users to avoid such attacks. These attacks, at times, leak information online and destroys a business’s credibility and reputation, and steal millions of dollars’ worth of personal data of consumers.

Now, the five ways ransomware detection and prevention service from cybersecurity experts will secure your business and give you more business:

1. Avoid Data Breaches & Extortion

We all know information is the new currency. For cyber attackers, information, data is valuable. Earlier, ransomware attackers were targeting businesses and people only to encrypt their data and extort money.

Nowadays, the attack has evolved. If infected, the information in one system worth hundreds of dollars, and people would pay these attackers to prevent their data going out to dark web.

If you are still questioning why, you should have a cybersecurity solution, know this threat is the greatest one in the digital age we are living in.

For instance, every company has personal emails, data that never go public because public display of such sensitive information can damage a company and its consumers. Such data can and may include credit card information, private photographs, and unlimited texts.

2.  Become Unlisted: No Ransomware Target

Not long ago, every business with top-notch antivirus and cyberattacks awareness thought they were not a target anymore. It is not valid. Whether secured or not, every company with saleable information in their systems and networks is a target.

As per Coveware, there is no single business, regardless of its size, safe from ransomware attackers. Still, with the help of a cybersecurity company, such as us, you can put yourself in the unlisted category by securing every loophole from a cyber attacker.

WIFI routers have the lowest security make them the high target to breach a company or personal computers. Experts make your routers impenetrable, so attackers try but fail.  

3.  Adapt High-Layered Security Solutions

There is no way to avoid cyberattacks, yet there are ways to stop them when they start infecting systems in initial phase. The fact that ransomware attacks are still the greatest threat as cybercriminals are evolving their tactics and security solutions.

To avoid such issues, keep your system updated, never install a pirated version of any software, and avoid leaving any loophole with the help of cybersecurity experts. We believe that if criminals are getting smart, then we must become smarter with a solution that works completely in real time.

We will help you protect your business and information from any malware attack and not just those are already defined.

4.  Create Awareness Among Users

Addressing system and network loopholes are not enough anymore. Each company has hundreds of users and correcting every system every time a minor attack happens is impossible. To avoid getting attacked through a single user system, every user must play their role in cybersecurity.

Nowadays maximum of the attack attempt are done by email phishing. where a user unknowingly clicks on the link in attachment and is never aware what things are running in backend with that link click.

Seceon fully automated real-time solution will help you know all this by giving a complete comprehensive view of your infrastructure which include the detail of each incoming to outgoing of user with their activities. The users will get a full-scale security posture that will help them to understand and improve the security posture day by day.

If you are looking for more information on ransomware detection and prevention, get in touch with Seceon Inc. Our aiSIEM/aiXDR that help to fight against spear phishing, impersonation, business email compromise, and catches even the latest wave of deep web phishing attacks or any zero day attack.

Use Cases

Seceon is the leader in the market when it comes to effective management of cybersecurity threats like ransomware.

Malware Detection

We can detect malware and have them removed from the computing systems and servers so that endpoints are never compromised.

Ransomware Attack

Ransomware attack typically involves multiple stages and each stage can be usually detected as a suspicious threat indicator …

Data Breach

Our security systems can detect early signs and possibilities of data breach and we can protect the systems from such infiltrations.

Insider Threat

Sometimes insiders in a business organization can be a source of threat whether they want to or not. We can assist in the detection and removal of such threats.

Vulnerability Exploits

Hackers are always trying to exploit the vulnerabilities in a system. We can protect servers and endpoints from being breached.

Web Application Security

We can protect information within web applications so that they do not fall into the wrong hands.

Brute Force Attack

We are capable of detecting all signs of brute force attack and make sure that the information handled by a business always stays safe.

DNS Protection

DNS Protection is the part of internet infrastructure that resolves easily remembered domain names that human’s use into more obscure IP.

Cloud Asset Monitoring

Key business applications, databases, productivity suites and various type of structured/unstructured data reside in the Cloud today.

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Seceon at TechNet Cyber 2022

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