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Ransomware Detection aiXDR - Proactively Detect and Stop any Ransomware in early stages of attack

Are you distressed at the possibility of Ransomware Attack on your organization’s assets? Wondering how to set up defenses against REvil, Darkside, Maze and other malicious variants?

You’ve landed in the right place!

Seceon’s aiXDR gives you and your organization the security and safety that comes from accuracy, automation and versatility in threat detection. Under the hood, what really matters are the curated threat indicators and how those get rounded up with internal and external intelligence, followed by rapid remediation – real-time, notification driven and playbook based!

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Seceon aiXDR detects ransomware in multiple stages by ….

  1. Relying on user and entity interactions to create baseline patterns
  2. Leveraging Machine Learning to uncover anomalous behavior (potentially suspicious)
  3. Applying Dynamic Threat Models on derived Threat Indicators to determine type of threat (Ransomware, Zero-Day malware, Brute-Force Attack etc)

Take advantage of comprehensive visibility across on-premise, hybrid, and cloud environment through a unified user interface and minimize the risks from lurking unknowns.

Protect your business with multi-layered security with Seceon is a ransomware detection company in New York, Boston, California, Massachusetts, USA, India, South Korea, Japan, United Kingdom, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Turkey, Germany, South Africa & Hong Kong.

Check out our resources on Ransomware and let us know if you would like a demo of the solution in real time.

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Detection of Underlying Malware

In many cases, a ransomware is offloaded only after a malware (trojan or worm) has established some groundwork in the infected endpoint/host. By identifying suspicious processes such as port scan across servers, attempts to encrypt/decrypt powershell script or connection to an URL with cryptic domain, Seceon aiXDR and aiSIEM makes the right noise to get your attention just in time.

Detection of Ransomware Activity

Quite invariably, a ransomware would hijack Windows program “vssadmin.exe” to delete shadow files that could act as backup. Hence quick detection along with major/critical alert followed by immediate response – isolating the machine and eliminating a process – makes Seceon aiXDR and aiSIEM very effective. Also, suspicious communication with Ransomware’s Command and Control Center using anonymizing browser is promptly detected and flagged as a Threat Indicator.

Use Cases

Seceon is the leader in the market when it comes to effective management of cybersecurity threats like ransomware.

Malware Detection

We can detect malware and have them removed from the computing systems and servers so that endpoints are never compromised.

Ransomware Attack

Ransomware attack typically involves multiple stages and each stage can be usually detected as a suspicious threat indicator …

Data Breach

Our security systems can detect early signs and possibilities of data breach and we can protect the systems from such infiltrations.

Insider Threat

Sometimes insiders in a business organization can be a source of threat whether they want to or not. We can assist in the detection and removal of such threats.

Vulnerability Exploits

Hackers are always trying to exploit the vulnerabilities in a system. We can protect servers and endpoints from being breached.

Web Application Security

We can protect information within web applications so that they do not fall into the wrong hands.

Brute Force Attack

We are capable of detecting all signs of brute force attack and make sure that the information handled by a business always stays safe.

DNS Protection

DNS Protection is the part of internet infrastructure that resolves easily remembered domain names that human’s use into more obscure IP.

Cloud Asset Monitoring

Key business applications, databases, productivity suites and various type of structured/unstructured data reside in the Cloud today.

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