Jumpstart your Security Offering with aiMSSP

Onboard in 1 hour. Easy deployment with no up-front cost.

Build your Managed Security Service business with essential tools, service catalog, onboarding steps and operating procedures. Or, augment your existing SOC with a cyber security solution that is defence in-depth, outcome driven, cutting edge and hassle free.

Secure Assets. Gain Trust. Grow Business!

Seceon's aiMSSP combines SOC Dashboard with defense in-depth cybersecurity solution perfected for Automatic Threat Detection and Remediation, making it the most versatile Managed Detection and Response platform in the market.

On-board Customers In An Hour With Streamlined Essentials

Realize the power of unified portal and pre-built templates to on-board customers (tenants) or on-ramp services.

Multi-Tier Multi-Tenant By Design To Preserve Integrity And Privacy

Offer shared services with end-to-end separation of data, rules, configurations and reports, while scaling across regions.

Streamline Operational Efficiencies In Customer Handling

Overcome all roadblocks for handling hundreds of customers through summary and detail views with operational granularity.

Scale, Partner, Manage and Grow — with reduced Operating cost and streamlined processes!.

MSSPs set for good growth in size and revenue can become a Master MSSP by acquiring new MSP customers. Conversely, the Master MSSP can guide MSPs to generate new revenue streams within couple of days from transitioning into MSSP.

aiMSSP™ Product Features

The MSSP Dashboard

Get a summarized view of all your tenants (customers) in colored tiles – with green for ”zero” alerts, red for critical alerts, orange for major alerts and purple for system alerts- before stepping into each customer portal.

The MSSP Dashboard
Configure Source of Threat Intelligence

Configure Source of Threat Intelligence

Specify source of Threat Intelligence data depending on Seceon’s curated sources, external sources (STIX-TAXII interface) or imported files, in case of connectivity restrictions to remote server.

Display Brand Logo

Customize MSSP Portal, UI screens, authentication page and reports with your branding.

Display Brand Logo

Customer Stories

“Small to medium-sized businesses typically lack the resources and in-house expertise to adequately defend their network infrastructure against the myriad threats in our cyber world. ADT has launched ADT-IQ service based on the aiMSSP solution. It provides a platform that enables us to deliver affordable services to our clients and is easily deployed at scale in any environment, simplifying our ability to provide this revolutionary defense to thousands of customers rapidly. It provides excellent Log Management, Archival and Analysis option that helps our customers compliance needs. Additionally it minimizes the time we have to spend on filtering the security logs from silo devices by aggregating them into simple to read Alerts with Forensic Drill Down.”

Larry Cecchini

GM and Vice President, ADT Security

“Netswitch leverages Seceon Platform with our holistic approach of proactive threat detection, real-time remediation and in-depth analytic capabilities to construct SecurliPaaS with Trending Analysis for early detection and preventive responses,” said Li. “Together, we have demonstrated to our clients – over an initial 24-month period – a reduction of 91.98% in indicators of compromise (IOC), we reduced full resolution time by 99.39%, while also reducing the cost of managing and maintaining SIEM solution by an average of 50 percent.” He continues, “Multi-tier, multi-tenancy empowers us to offer distinctive services at unprecedented scale to our current MDR clients with complete privacy and security of data. We can also offer custom report branding to clients.”

Stanley Li

Chief Executive Officer and President, Netswitch

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