Are these a Daily Challenge for you?

  • Is your organization “ENTERPRISE” still lacking VISIBILITY?
  • Are you not able to see your organization’s Cybersecurity Postures in real-Time?
  • Does your team have to go through many silos of cybersecurity products and deal with thousands of alerts and still not sure if all context and situational awareness are considered?
  • Are you worried about Ransomware attacks and Intellectual Property theft?
  • Are you always short on a Cybersecurity budget but passionate about proactive cybersecurity operations?
    Want to meet Compliance requirements which are the outcome of a proactive cybersecurity platform?
  • Are you wondering why after deploying many leading, known and visionary cybersecurity products and building a strong security operation team, you still getting breach incidents?

What Should be the Right Approach?

All of the breaches should be STOPPED in the early stages of attacks by the Right Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solution rather than leaving you in huge loss investigation after the occurrence of the attack.

It should provide Continuous Real-Time Security Posture Improvement, proactive Threat Detection, Auto Stopping of Threats and Breaches in Real Time meeting all your Compliance needs.

What we Do as Solution.

Seceon Inc. aiXDR Solution works in Real-Time, Proactively to keep you steps ahead of any attack occurrences, it comes with SIEM, SOAR, UEBA, NBAD, NTA, VA, TI, IDS, IPS, ML, AI, and EDR within a single platform, and at the end of the day, you achieve MSS, MDR, XDR, SOC, Cloud Security, SaaS Security, and Micro-Services Security.

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