The Seceon team is committed to leading the effort to enable MSPs to launch advanced cybersecurity services and to help those who want to become MSSPs continue their journey.

We also know that getting there is a challenge for many MSPs.  We think Rich Freeman captured what we call the “three choices” that MSPs have to get there:

  1. Select, Implement, Integrate, Train, and Launch Advanced Cybersecurity Services on a big stack of vendors with a team of experts.
  2. Outsource control and profits to a MDR or SOC as a Service – might get the service launched faster, however, it will not add value to your MSP and puts the client experience at risk with a 3rd party.
  3. Select and implement a modern platform that leverages AI/ML to unify and automate the ingestion of telemetry from your existing infrastructure, applications, and endpoints, enriching it and automating the detection and response 24/7, reducing risks, often with your existing team or a small team of security pros.

With this in mind, we scheduled a meeting with Ron Culler of CompTIA and suggested a panel discussion with three of Seceon’s top MSSP partners.  He agreed that the content and the educational goal was worthy of his time.

Ron kicked agreed to kick off the panel discussion with some key findings from the CompTIA State of the Channel Report and the CompTIA State of Cybersecurity Report.

We invited Joshua Skeens of Logically and Grigoriy Milis of RFA and Tammy Jutras of Visory and Tom Ertel and I moderated the panel.

The combined experience and wisdom of these leaders in the MSSPs  space provided amazing insights for our attendees.

Check out the link below to hear these expert MSSP leaders share their some insights on:

  • How the MSP business is a great foundation for the MSSP business
  • What is driving their business growth
  • How compliance and regulations are pushing managed services to build out more sophisticated cybersecurity offerings, going – beyond the traditional firewall/email security/endpoint security/security awareness training
  • What the most significant challenges are in running a MSSP
  • What are the best practices and pros/cons of pricing and packaging MSSP services?

Check out the replay now, and please – reach out to us with any questions or feedback. You can also meet us at any of the in-person events we are exhibiting or speaking. Find out where to meet the team by on  our events page.

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