Seceon has been growing fast in 2023 – new partners, new team members and new capabilities.  

We are crazy about our mission: enable our MSP and MSSP partners to increase profits while reducing risks for their clients. That’s why today we are announcing two new innovative products designed to enable organizations to quantify and report on the value of the services they provide to their clients. 

Seceon aiSecurity Score360 

Seceon aiSecurity Score360 service provides comprehensive scanning and assessments of attack surfaces. With the number of attack surfaces expanding rapidly across new sources like BYOD, IoT, OT, SaaS, Hybrid Clouds and new devices joining client networks daily, it is critical that analysts and security operations pros quantify, prioritize and benchmark these environments. The Seceon platform’s external scans include intelligence from the CVE, NVT, OVAL, CPE etc. databases. The comprehensive and modular dashboard includes clickable charts and tables and “drill down” capabilities, making values in the dashboard become meaningful and actionable. Seceon partners are already incorporating these scores into reports for their teams and their clients.  


Seceon aiSecurity Score360 Dashboard 


Seceon aiSecurity BI360 

With this new product, we enable partners to select from pre-set compliance and regulatory frameworks, including CMMC, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, NIST, GDPR and perform their own analytics and reporting. The need for this level of reporting and analytics is growing as the transition from protection to detection grows within our partners and their clients. With the platform’s business intelligence capabilities analysts can combine both real-time and historical views of events and use that knowledge for better planning and predicting future attacks. With the flexibility to customize the reports, notate them, and brand them, aiSIEM users will operate with more confidence. Plus, partners with clients that have regular audits and compliance questionnaires Seceon aiSecurity BI360 makes it easy to gather and present the insights auditors need. The platform has been designed to support additional regional and industry focused compliance frameworks and regulations, in use today and in the future.  

Seceon aiSecurity BI360 Reports List 

With these new  capabilities Seceon enables our MSP and MSSP partners to more easily analyze and report on security postures and provide proof of value to their clients and easier compliance reporting for auditors.  

Our partners continuously provide feedback for new enhancements and ideas to drive our innovation. Our R&D and Engineering teams are working to rapidly develop them into innovative solutions that add value and solve problems.  

See the new Seceon aiSecurity Score360 and aiSecurity BI360 yourself. Request a meeting with an MSP Security Services Advisor or schedule a 1:1 demo with one of our engineers today.  Visit  

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