Best Intelligent SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) is a tool cybersecurity provider’s use for real-time analysis of security alerts generated by network hardware and applications to give experts a comprehensive overview—supporting, identifying, and addressing cyber-attacks.

Finding the best intelligent SIEM vendor for your company is the best move to secure your data and people. Seceon SIEM provides a modern cybersecurity strategy with consolidated data from numerous sources. We believe in delivering the consistent, high-quality service you expect, nothing else.

Seceon SIEM tools help you simplify compliance reporting, with better access and visibility into networks, and high scalability. Nowadays, cyber-attacks are common than one can comprehend. With the best SIEM vendor, you reduce security breaches with proactive security.

Seceon Inc. is making this possible. An affordable, comprehensive solution Seceon’s open threat management platform detects and eliminates threats in real-time while being suitable for organizations of any size or security expertise.

For instance, SIEM is a high-class steel-build with the latest security features, protecting your premises from burglars and other potential threats on the internet.

The only difference here is everything security is happening over networks. Some examples of cybersecurity include firewalls, high-end encryption, and backups to secure your information.

Here are the benefits of choosing the best intelligent SIEM vendor for your company:

Eliminates Blind Spots

SIEM collects all security and incident information into a single system. It further eliminates blind spots or vulnerabilities in a network, and gives the IT department adequate ground to identify, review, and respond to potential breaches faster than without such tools.

Increased Efficiency

The first sign of breached system is usually a slow network. You can attempt to strengthen your cybersecurity defenses by establishing firewalls, antivirus, and intrusion prevention systems.

The whole security setup will detect suspicious behavior and increase the IT department’s efficiency in eliminating and handling any malware lurking in your systems.

Increased Response Time

You get the best-in-class tools to acquire accurate analysis when you hire the best SIEM vendor. These tools can detect breaches and spot patterns before these become irreparable malicious activities with the analyzed data. Hence, you get notifications if user behavior is vulnerable per analysis and act with increased response time.

Better Reporting

SIEM vendors provide tools and setup training to allow your company to collect event logs from multiple sources, and analyze them to transform them into insightful dashboard information. It makes it easier to detect and respond to activities that do not fit into a normal security pattern.

Regulatory Compliance

The best intelligent SIEM vendor helps you stay compliant per PCI, FFIEC, and HIPAA regulations. Your company will automatically collect data necessary to achieve compliance with better cybersecurity tools.

Indeed, there are different vendors with a broad range of SIEM products with capabilities going from basic log collection, notifications, alerts, security incident detection to advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities.

Tell us, what are you looking for? Seceon Inc will help you have robust compliance reporting, and threat intelligence feeds. Our SIEM tools offer customers centralized logging, simplified compliance reporting, and the ability to detect and respond to security incidents in a secure IT environment.

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