Today is a big day at Seceon. We announced we acquired Helixera, an innovative real-time pattern scanning engine. We also hired its founder Waldek Mikolajczyk as VP of Cybersecurity Solutions Architecture.

Seceon’s stated mission is “Enable organizations to reduce cyber threat risks and the complexity of their security stack, while greatly improving their ability to rapidly detect and block threats, and breaches in real-time, at scale and at a better total cost of ownership.”

In 2023 the only way to achieve that mission is by applying AI/ML deep into the platform and enabling organizations to ingest logs, network flow metadata and events from networks, endpoints, clouds, applications, identity providers and apply advanced detection detections like UEBA and NTA across all the environments in real-time.

We were super impressed by the Helixera Pattern Scanning Engine that makes it possible to analyze data in a distributed manner at locations which were not previously viable. It brings real-time scanning to distributed and devices at the edge and enables instant repones to any malicious or configurable posture.

With this acquisition we continue to grow our class-leading aiSIEM and aiXDR architecture. Seceon’s threat detection and response automation is more effective at early-stage threat detection and results in far less analyst fatigue and faster incident response times (automated or analyst-assisted) because it pulls telemetry in raw formats and correlates indicators in a single context with situational awareness, all without any limitation to context time that other platforms suffer from.

With the Helixera acquisition we also hired it’s founder Waldek Mikolajczyk as the VP of Cybersecurity Solutions Architecture. Waldek Mikolajczyk is a security and networking industry veteran, with over 25 years of experience in software architecture and development. Before he founded Helixera in 2011, his expertise drove innovation and research at Juniper Networks, Rivulet Communications and Nortel Networks among others. Waldek’s recent innovations included redesigning the open-source multi-threaded IDS & IPS engines like Suricata and enabling Nvidia GPU powered GPU/CUDA batch patter search processing.

If all of this sounds interesting to you, you can learn more or schedule a 1-1 demo of Seceon.

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