Seceon highly appreciate SonicWall leadership to inviting us to present “Zero-Day, Zero-Trust” Comprehensive cybersecurity case study with Solutions Granted CEO (Michael Crean) and Security to their worldwide SE’s and sales leadership.  It was great experience with see Michael explain the solution as the future of security and specially winning the game between finish line to finish line covering all 100 yards not just the end zones. He said is really well that most of the actions happens in middle 90 yards and those cannot be ignored specially with todays digital-era enterprises and SMB’s.  Michael experienced of last two decades in Security domain and his vision for next decade was visible during his case study presentation and live demonstration of MSSP deployments and scaling the solutions to 1000’s of customers at make sure they are secured as well as have operational excellence to focus on what they do the best instead of worried about Ransomware, Malware, Data Exfiltration, Insiders or Compromised Credentials, Botnet, Email, Web, Applications exploits, DDoS and unknown threats. It was great to show OTM with SonicWall NFGW’s in action doing Real-Time Visibility, Proactive Threat Detections and Automated Elimination/Containment”. It was great to see Michael describe OTM doing billions of calculations/seconds and single CCE with 2 threads and 2GB DRAM processing 100M events to provide Comprehensive Cybersecurity to customers, which they can afford and have 24×7 protection.

MSSP case study download
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