Good morning from beautiful Orlando, Florida here at IT Nation Connect 2023! This conference is always such a great gathering of friends and colleagues before we slow down the year, reflect on all of our accomplishments and start to plan for the next year. Jason McGee did not disappoint with his opening keynote last night sharing the ConnectWise vision of what the future looks like for the industry and Jason says that the future is bright!

 In a compelling opening keynote at IT Nation, ConnectWise CEO Jason McGee urged MSPs to embrace the transformative power of AI, boldly challenging them to reimagine their future. The journey, he emphasized, may be scary and uncomfortable, but it’s essential for navigating the evolving technology landscape.

McGee highlighted the delicate balance between adopting technology and preserving human involvement, stressing the importance of pacing oneself in this era where speed is paramount. As he delved into the key theme of hyper-automation he outlined the significance of upscaling, embracing education, and growing into the full capacity and capabilities of yourselves as MSP leaders, and your teams.

The hype cycle today, McGee asserted, revolves around hyper-automation, with a focus on Robotic Process Automation (RPA) driving the 4th Industrial Revolution. The orchestration of AI, Robotics, and Machine Learning (ML) is not just a technological marvel but a strategy that if embraced, can significantly impact MSPs and their ability to scale.

For MSPs, the integration of AI and human intelligence is imminent, and McGee backed his claims with tangible results. In fact, he illustrated that implementing just minimum automation can potentially increase your profits by 25%. But, he emphasized, that pathway to even greater success lies in progressively embracing automation, with a promised 40% increase in profitability and an impressive 50% profit boost for those who go all the way.


The key takeaways were encapsulated in a triumphant “win-win-win” scenario, where thinking differently, proactively making investments, and offering unwavering support and guidance to staff lead to unparalleled success.

In essence, Jason McGee’s keynote set the tone for IT Nation, challenging MSPs to navigate the future with confidence, embrace change, and leverage the power of AI and automation for unprecedented success.

This aligns so perfectly with how Seceon aiSIEM helps MSPs and MSSPs consolidate their security stacks and reduce risks through the power of AI &and ML. Come meet the team at booth 421 to learn more about embracing automation as a way to reduce risk and boost your profits today.


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