When a data breach does occur, organizations must be able to spring into action and respond to the threat immediately. Recent industry data shows that credentials are compromised in minutes and most of an organization’s critical data or intellectual property is lost within the first day of a data breach. Specifically, according to Verizon’s 2016 Data Breach Investigation Report, 81.9 percent of organizations surveyed reported that a compromise took only minutes to infiltrate company systems with 67.8 percent of respondents showing that associated data was “breached” within days of the initial compromise. Therefore, any threat detection solution that cannot detect and remediate threats in near real-time is not much use. Valuable assets could already be stolen and sold on the Dark Web before an organization knows they are even missing!

The good news is that advances in threat detection technology have significantly improved the enterprise’s ability to detect and stop these threats and prevent extensive damage…. See More

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