Cyber breaches are now the major challenge and everyone is impacted by these breaches, where you are a consumer, bank, retailer, fortune 1000’s or SMB since we are all connected and do business with each other. We get the convenience of the doing the business, entertainment, even education, healthcare etc. from anytime, anywhere at our convenience using amazing innovations created by Information Highway (Internet) but same time because of its Open standard based implementation it exposes us to exploit both at Network Level as well as Host level.

Service Providers :- Huge Opportunities in tacking Cyber Threats

Service providers are at center of connecting user and services/servers hosting the applications to each others. They have opportunity to create the Clean Information Highway by creating the “Intelligent Network”, which can not only blocks major cyber threats at the entry points before it starts creating bigger damage but also co-ordinates with other service providers and users to minimize threats almost in real-time. “Intelligent Cyber Network” with global view will eliminate most of cyber threats but it requires creative of how we thing about creating the Information Highway Network than todays approach of Cyber Security is users or business problem. Information Highway has helped world with multi-trillions $$ Economic Value creation and it is still just in teenage stage, we have opportunity to help it grow and flourish by clearing the challenges it faces today by “Cyber Threats”.

Cyber Threats can be minimized significantly and Service Providers have huge opportunity in front of them to create a clean pipe using “Intelligent Cyber Network” ICN. Looking forward to discussion at PTC-15 on Jan 20th to cover more details of ICN and how Service Providers can get started on it today.

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