Trust is the foundation of business, and you could even say society as a whole. The managed service provider and client trust relationship is more important than ever. With the increased complexity of IT and the massive increase in cyber threats and attacks, we now all have to live by frameworks and regulations which are the foundation of trust.

In this < 3-minute interview, Charlene Ignacio, CMO and Marketing Program Strategist of Channel Mastered, shares some thoughts on how MSPs and MSSPs can build less of a vendor/customer and more of a partnership relationship to tackle the challenges of cybersecurity and compliance assessments and reporting.

Today, the frameworks are well documented and well understood, and MSPs/MSSPs are on the frontlines of enabling their clients to meet the regulatory and framework goals designed to reduce risks of breaches, data loss, and internal threats and keep cyber insurance premiums low. Solutions like Ascent Portal help MSPs/MSSPs communicate the gaps and challenges end-clients might have to meet the frameworks and regulations they are required to meet.


Charlene’s view on 2024 opportunities for MSPs/MSSPs includes not just assessments which is what Ascent Portal does, but pen testing from Sxipher.  Pen testing is increasingly a requirement in many frameworks and Sxipher is ML-based automated pen testing. Charlene is right when she states, that the more account managers and business leaders can combine Tech Talk + Cyber Talk + Business Talk together and simplify the challenges they are solving and the solutions they are providing in a way where the benefits are understood by end clients is critical.

Charlene is correct – the MSP/MSSP space is all about partnerships. Co-selling, co-marketing, education etc. are important for our ecosystem.

Seceon is committed to our partner’s success and appreciates the partners in the ecosystem that enable MSPs/MSSPs to share the value of the Seceon platform. Solutions like Ascent Portal and Sxipher are great examples.

If you missed Seceon at ConnectWise IT Nation in Orlando, contact us and schedule a demo or discussion about your plans for managed security services in 2024.

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