2023 has been a great eyeopener for the industry, and now many MSPs are waking up to the realization that “nobody is too small,” and the fact that the US federal government and industry regulators are focusing on educating and pushing MSPs to start focusing on not just protecting their clients, but protecting themselves.

Wayne Selk summarized the challenge as a community challenge, where one MSP getting breached can affect the reputation of all MSPs.

In this < 5-minute interview, Wayne Selk, VP, of Cybersecurity Programs & Executive Director, CompTIA ISAO at CompTIA, shares some thoughts on how MSPs and MSSPs are feeling the need to mature their cybersecurity knowledge, services, stack, and processes from their clients, their peers, the government, industry regulators and cyber insurers. 

He specifically highlighted the changes coming for PCI 4.0 of keeping hot SIEM-level data for one year. This requirement alone requires MSPs to consider the cost implications and any auditor or insurer that wants that data.

Wayne also covers the new charges against the SolarWinds executive from the 2020 SUNBURST attack, whose charges were brought by the SEC based on data that was found during discovery. What will that mean for MSPs when they are in possession of the evidence that may just be evidence that will incriminate the MSP.  

Wayne’s passion and ability to communicate is clear in this interview.

Seceon is committed to enabling the community and our partners in the ecosystem with a platform that leverages today’s architectures that enable cost-effective telemetry ingestion at scale and use AI/ML threat detection and response automation in real-time to stop and block threats.

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