Our industry is way more complex than meets the eye. MSPs and MSSPs are not just managing their clients’ cybersecurity programs, they are also accountable to their auditors, customer auditors, and cyber insurance providers.

Cybersecurity compliance frameworks, regulations and audits are getting more challenging every year.

I met Kimberly Simon, the VP of Partnerships & Alliances at ControlCase LLC at ConnectWise #ITNation 2023.

ControlCase, is an assessor company, and their Compliance Hub™, automates the evidence-collection process and helps MSPs/MSSPs get certified cheaper, faster, and more efficiently. Certifications they enable include CMMC, SOC 2, ISO, FedRamp, and others. Their services enable MSPs/MSSPs to gain a competitive advantage by achieving compliance with IT security regulations and extending those benefits to their clients.

In this < 3-minute interview, Kimberly sees the primary challenge in 2023 has been to continue to educate the market on why and how these certifications drive new business and enable MSPs/MSSPs to efficiently answer requests from their clients.  MSPs and MSSPs that have their cybersecurity programs assessed and certified are able to differentiate and have higher revenues.  

2024 looks to be the year when MSPs and MSSPs mature their security programs. There will be more audits and more AI-based platforms that make evidence collection easier and more affordable. ControlCase believes a solid incident response platform, powered by platforms like Seceon and MSP/MSSP technicians, will drive more mature programs and enable MSP/MSSP clients to achieve their compliance goals.

If you missed Seceon at ConnectWise IT Nation in Orlando, contact us and schedule a demo or discussion about your plans for managed security services in 2024.

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