The MSP/MSSP space and services that are provided by managed services providers is changing rapidly. With 46% of businesses not having any on-premises “IT Infrastructure” and most client end-users spending almost all of their working hours in browsers and SaaS applications, there is less traditional infrastructure (physical devices, server rooms/closets etc.) for MSPs/MSSPs to manage and secure.

SaaS Management and SaaS security are the fastest-growing services of the modern MSP/MSSP.

I met George Smith, the Head of Community and Strategic Partnerships at AUGMENTT, while I was at ConnectWise #ITNation 2023.

Augmentt, is a SaaS Security Management platform optimized for Microsoft. The platform is built for MSPs who are serious about creating a profitable future through managed SaaS services. The platform supports the ability to audit SaaS implementations, including security configurations and threats, protect SaaS applications with conditional access policies and enforce MFA, and detect threats in SaaS applications including risky sign-ins and account breaches.

In this < 3-minute interview, George sees the primary challenge including getting visibility into the SaaS applications that clients and their end-users are actually running, plus the risk, costs, and license issues that MSPs could be assisting them with. In fact, most MSPs greatly underestimate the number of applications that their clients are using.

George said 2024 looks to be the year when MSPs and MSSPs will see more compliance and regulatory requirements that MSPs/MSSPs will have to respond to and ensure that Microsoft environments are secure. From there, forward-thinking MSPs/MSSPs can perform audits and discover additional SaaS applications that can provide security, cost, and license optimization for.

I’ve been a big supporter of SaaS Management services for MSPs/MSSPs and see opportunities to not just secure the environments and users, but provide additional value with productivity training, integrations and perhaps connecting clients to services that leverage data and improve workflows across applications.

If you missed Seceon at ConnectWise IT Nation in Orlando, contact us and schedule a demo or discussion about your plans for managed security services in 2024. 


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