Jennifer Bleam is the owner and founder of MSP Sales Revolution and recently published a great and very popular book in the MSP space titled “Simplified Cybersecurity Sales For MSPs: The Secret Formula For Closing Cybersecurity Deals Without Feeling Slimy”.


We caught up with her at #ITNation a few times this year and in this < 4-minute interview she shares the challenges that MSPs are having with their cybersecurity services and what will change in 2024.

Jennifer shares that challenges don’t just cover selling cybersecurity services, but also fundamentals about an MSP’s managed security services plans. MSPs need to consider and test how to price, package and how they will demonstrate the value to their clients and prospects. 

Jennifer reminds the listener that it’s not about the ingredients aka “features” – but the benefits and outcomes that MSP clients will get from their services. She asks “What’s in it for me”?

Jennifer goes on to share that 2024 will be about AI Integrations and in the marketing space, AI “Prospecting Bots”.  She believes that vendors are racing to add vulnerability assessments to their services and tools for prospecting. 

If you missed Seceon at ConnectWise IT Nation in Orlando, contact us and schedule a demo or discussion about your plans for managed security services in 2024.


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