There are cyber threats lurking around every device and network. The waves of attacks that take place over the internet are increasing day by day. Although vast amounts of money are being spent on cybersecurity, data breaches continue with more severity. Businesses are challenged to find automated, affordable, fast and effective enterprise-class cybersecurity solutions. And that is what Seceon is providing.

Seceon was started in 2015 and is a cybersecurity advanced threat management platform that visualizes, detects, and eliminates threats in real time. Seceon has been hard at work on its mission to empower enterprises to detect and stop all known and new cyber attacks. It is providing an affordable and comprehensive solution that is suitable for organizations of any size or security expertise.

On the Road to Success

Seceon has grown from zero to 35 customers today, spanning service providers, the Fortune 500 and SME businesses in technology and other sectors. It has not only launched commercial availability of its product but has also gained notoriety from leading voices including 451 Research, Ovum and others.

However, the Founder and CEO Chandra Pandey says, “Starting a venture involves a lot of initial challenges. Many of these challenges are known, and others need to be discovered. Maintaining a venture involves consistently discovering new challenges and having the ability to handle them, while simultaneously keeping our priority on our customers and empowering them.”

Seceon has not only overcome these challenges, but has risen to a place on the prestigious Red Herring 100 North America list. The Seceon Open Threat Management (OTM)Platform was also recognized as a finalist in Best of Show at Interop Tokyo and for Cybersecurity Innovation Leadership among other multiple industry accolades.

In fact, Seceon is the first company to provide an affordable cyber security solution that automatically detects and stops all forms of cyber threats within minutes of the breach without human intervention. It has developed a solution that deploys in any environment: private, hybrid or public cloud in under four hours with untrained staff and never needs rule updates or tuning.

The traditional technologies that handle cybersecurity are built on a fundamental flaw – intelligent humans have to use an assortment of complex tools to identify and stop threats. The problem with this approach is that 95 percent of attacks exfiltrate or corrupt data within a few hours of a breach, making it very difficult for humans to have enough time to react. Seceon is designed to provide a simple, comprehensive, fully automated approach to detecting and stopping the threats that matter.

The company provides customers with a proverbial Security Operations Center Virtual Assistant. By automating the process, Seceon OTM enables staff to address threats quickly and prevent risk, damage or loss of valuable information. Correlating output from advanced machine learning and behavioral algorithms, Seceon delivers in-context, prioritized alerts. Seceon is increasingly being deployed to address customers’ most overwhelming security problems and make them feel secure.. Read More

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