Earlier, Industry experts at Seceon collaboratively released (15) Cyber Security Predictions for 2022. Leveraging my industry experience I contributed to the predictions, the first of which I made was: “Some of the most sophisticated attacks in recent years appeared to part of a more strategic objective for threat actors. Like in 2021, critical infrastructure will likely be targeted.” February 26, 2022 the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency, US-Cert for short, summarized Destructive Malware Targeting Organizations in Ukraine. Unfortunately, the successful execution of this new malware impacting the availability of critical assets and data meant the prediction I made was accurate. When thinking about this prediction before it became a reality, the Cyber Attack I feared was an event which negatively impacts humanity, specifically their wallets, but I never suspected the Cyber-attack would be part of a military invasion.

Nearing the end of Q1, 2022 weary Cyber Security Professionals, like me, were almost fully recovered from helping their organizations pivot away from the As a result of these new vulnerabilities and destructive Cyber events tension for Security Professionals couldn’t be higher at this moment. So, I’d really like to lighten the mood even if it’s just for the next 5 minutes.

If you’re in Cyber Security, I.T. or Technology I invite you to sit back, take a few deep breathes, try to relax, and enjoy the “Cyber Security” themed fun by going through the media below.

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