It really is out with the old, in with the new. Today’s threats demand modern approaches across the people/process/tech framework of cybersecurity.

I spent the week in Kuwait City and Dubai meeting with partners, prospects and customers. It’s clear that 2023’s threats and the powerful AI that threat actors are using is driving a review of existing strategies.

Leaders are discovering formerly reliable tools are not keeping up, outdated processes and controls are missing IOCs and outsourced managed services built on old tools and slow responses are allowing intrusions and breaches to happen.

Add to these challenges – the increased attack surfaces of remote employees, SaaS applications and cloud and only a limited ability to report on cybersecurity posture and adherence to controls and frameworks. One of the organizations we met with specifically requested access to our recently announced aiSecurity BI360 reporting platform.

With the BI360’s business intelligence capabilities analysts can combine both real-time and historical views of events and use that knowledge for better planning and predicting future attacks. With the flexibility to customize the reports, notate them, and brand them, aiSIEM users will operate with more confidence.

I also met with several engaged and advanced ecosystem partners of Seceon from Distributors to System Integrators to MSSPs and found their leaders and architects willing to elevate the knowledge of their teams with the latest best practices in running efficient and effective security operations.

If you were at GITEX this year or in previous years you know it’s a giant event. If you missed a chance to meet us be sure to reach out to your preferred distributors, SIs and MSSPs and ask how your organization can modernize your program with a real-time, AI/ML threat detection and response platform like Seceon.

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