WESTFORD, Mass.Aug. 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Seceon, which pioneered the first fully-automated, real-time cyber threat detection and remediation solution, today announced it is excited to add High Wire Networks‘ new Overwatch Managed Security Platform to its growing list of partners. Overwatch provides wholesale managed Security-as-a-Service solutions for MSPs, VARs, Telecom and Datacenter partners. Seceon’s aiSIEM solution will be at the center of Overwatch’s Security-as-a-Service platform, enabling service providers to deliver small/medium enterprise (SME) customers 24x7x365 security services utilizing Seceon’s award winning artificial intelligence, machine learning and remediation automation. Seceon’s aiSIEM allows Overwatch to provide the industry’s fastest threat detection and remediation. Overwatch’s scale and experience make this “best-in-class” service exceedingly affordable for partners’ SME customers.

“Now more than ever, SMEs need a reliable, low-touch and affordable way to protect themselves from aggressive and potentially devastating cyberattacks. Increasingly, they’re turning to managed security partners for help,” said Chandra Pandey, founder and CEO of Seceon. “High Wire Networks has a long track record of delivering managed solutions at scale with attractive price points for their customers. By combining its Overwatch Security-as-a-Service with aiSIEM’s real-time threat detection, containment and elimination, we’re enabling SMEs to get the protection they need from their trusted local service provider at a price they can afford.”

“Seceon’s tech-forward engineering and advanced use of AI, machine learning and automation for threat monitoring, detection and automated remediation, made them a natural fit for Overwatch. We’re thrilled to have aiSIEM as an integral part of our Security-as-a-Service, and to provide our partners a high-margin, low-touch way to deliver world-class, 24x7x365 security for SMEs,” said Mark Porter, CEO of High Wire Networks.  He continues, “High Wire Networks has a 20-year history of delivering world class services for VARS, MSPs, and technology manufacturers.  Continuing in that tradition, we are leveraging Seceon as the cornerstone of our Security-as-a-Service offering.  This offering is the foundational element of our security platform built specifically for our VAR/MSP/MSSP clients, enabling them to deliver a PCI/HIPPA/NIST compliant security to their end users.”

Overwatch’s Security-as-a-Service is staffed with trained cyber-analysts 24/7. Using aiSIEM, cyber-analysts can see all forms of threats in real-time and stop threats before causing significant damage. Seceon’s aiSIEM platform’s speed and scale enables Overwatch to monitor all of an enterprise’s east-west, north-south, multi-location, hybrid, cloud and third-party access in real-time.

Seceon’s aiSIEM solution also allows Overwatch to integrate other best-in-class security solutions. This enables service providers to provide holistic security including, Managed Sophos Endpoint Security, No-Password Authentication, Security Awareness Training, Patch Management, and Secure Remote Access, all of which can be white-labeled by the service provider.

About Seceon 

The combination of Seceon’s Dynamic Threat Model (DTM), machine learning, AI with actionable intelligence for proactive threat detection of known or unknown threats, and automated containment/elimination, empowers enterprises and MSSPs to provide “Comprehensive Cybersecurity For Digital-Era,” collecting intelligent raw data (streaming logs, netflows, identities), threat intelligence and processing it through Seceon’s Open Threat Management (OTM) platform to provide comprehensive visibility of users, hosts, applications, services — proactively surfacing relevant threats in real-time for actionable intelligence to automatic and/or push-of-a-button containment/elimination of threats with fine grain granularity. aiSIEM and aiMSSP are solutions born out of the OTM platform. To learn more, please visit www.seceon.com or call (978) 923-0040.

About High Wire Networks

High Wire Networks has a twenty-year proven track record as a trusted service provider delivering managed solutions at scale with price points their customers can easily afford. For nearly 20 years, High Wire Networks has been a trusted partner to VARs, MSPs, Distributors, Integrators, Manufacturers and Telecoms. The Company never sells directly to end-users but enables partner to GET WORK DONE in security, field, professional and on-demand reactive services. Learn more at www.highwirenetworks.com or call (952) 974-4000.

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