This week marks another milestone for success for Seceon. We are delighted to have been featured in a “First Look” product review in the September issue of SC Magazine. Lab Editor Dr. Peter Stephenson reviewed the Seceon OTM Platform for SC Magazinereaders, highlighting the solution’s features and underlying engines that power it. Dr. Stephenson was particularly impressed with our proactive, predictive, approach to threat management period.

Read the full article here:

We thank Dr. Stephenson and his editorial team for a careful review of our Seceon OTM Platform. Such reviews go a long way to informing SC Magazine readers and security executives about next generation technologies that aid in the defense of critical corporate data. And a big thanks to our product and engineering teams who spend countless hours in the Seceon lab perfecting our solution to address the needs of today’s resource constrained security teams with automated threat detection and elimination.

Special thanks for customers and partners for feedback and trusting us with their Cybersecurity challenges.

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