Seceon, the pioneer of the first fully-automated, real-time cyber threat detection, containment and elimination platform to empower Enterprises and MSSPs with its award-winning solutions (#aiSIEM, #aiMSSP, #aiXDR), announced that it is seeing unprecedented triple digit growth for last ten consecutive quarters. Seceon’s easy to deploy and completely automated continuous monitoring, proactive threat detection and auto and playbook-based remediation approach has empowered MSPPs to scale with industry best ROI. Platform multi-tiered multi-tenancy offering to seamlessly manage on-prem as well as cloud deployment  helps managed security service providers (MSSPs) to quickly adopt it and switch the entire customer base in record time. Many MSSPs have onboarded 100s of mid-enterprise customers within 2-months. The award winning aiMSSP program also helps managed service providers (MSPs) to become MSSP and remain trusted partner for their customers by delivering “Comprehensive Cybersecurity for Digital-Era”.

“Seceon’s award winning aiSIEM/aiXDR solutions are delivering Comprehensive Defense-in-Depth Cybersecurity for any size organization. For business continuity in the current macro-environment, it is extremely important to protect the entire ecosystem of an organization – endpoints, network, cloud, partners access, assets, apps, SaaS and employees – by ingesting and analyzing raw logs, flows, identity and behavior analytics across all assets, apps, services  and users in real-time. Seceon platform does exactly that with disruptive innovation and makes it affordable for fortune five million,” said Lalit Shinde, Chief Revenue Officer of Seceon.

Currently most of the SMBs and SMEs cannot afford to have  Defense-in-Depth and those who can afford  using siloed solutions which just adds complexity to little no negative ROI due to lack of context and situational awareness. Automated multi-stage and multi-vector used in ransomware, APT and Data breaches are missed all the time because all silos do not have same context and lack situational awareness.

Seceon is 100% partner focused organization from day one and working with multiple hundreds of MSPs/MSSPs to make comprehensive cybersecurity services affordable to organization of any size including Federal, State and Local agencies. Seceon will be showcasing its award-winning platform and aiSIEM/aiXDR solutions at Multiple events in next few weeks including RSA 2023, TechNet Cyber 2023 and IDC South Africa CIO Summit 2023. see the demo here.

“We are laser focused on our mission to provide comprehensive cybersecurity for any size organization,” said Chandra S. Pandey, Founder and CEO of Seceon, “We have accelerated our innovations drive and added Comprehensive Cloud Security, Containers Security, Holistic Risk Visibility and Continuous Improvement, Security BI and many more to keep customers security monitoring and mitigation proactive instead of reactive.”

About Seceon
Seceon empowers Enterprises and MSSPs to “Modernize Cybersecurity for the Digital-Era”. Seceon’s Open Threat Management (OTM) platform scales to millions of assets to collect raw data such as streaming logs, flows and identities from all apps, devices, network infrastructure and cloud infrastructure including SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, IoTs and IIoTs, as well as advanced threat intelligence to provide comprehensive visibility, proactive detection and auto stopping of threats and breaches and meet any cybersecurity compliance standard. aiSIEM, aiMSSP and aiXDR are award-winning solutions built on the OTM platform with flexible deployment models. To learn more, please visit: or email or call (978) 923-0040 and follow the company on: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn.

Seceon Press Contact:

Pushpendra Mishra
(978) 923-0040

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