Seceon, the pioneer of the first cybersecurity platform that augments and automates security operations services for MSPs and MSSPs, with an AI and ML-powered aiSIEM, aiXDR and aiMSSP platform, announced that it has acquired Helixera a real-time big data analytics company and its founder Waldek Mikolajczyk will join Seceon as the VP of Cybersecurity Solutions Architecture.

The Helixera Pattern Scanning Engine makes possible the analysis of data in a distributed manner at locations which were not previously viable. It brings real-time scanning to distributed and devices at the edge and enables instant repones to any malicious or configurable posture.

“We have known Waldek Mikolajczyk and his work with network data analysis for years,” said Chandra Pandey, Seceon CEO. “His expertise and Helixera’s technology are additive to the Seceon technology stack and is a key piece in our drive to grow Seceon’s capabilities and presence in the global market for real-time threat detection and response.”

Waldek Mikolajczyk is a security and networking industry veteran, with over 25 years of experience in software architecture and development. Before he founded Helixera in 2011, his expertise drove innovation and research at Juniper Networks, Rivulet Communications and Nortel Networks among others. Waldek’s recent innovations included redesigning the open-source multi-threaded IDS & IPS engines like Suricata and enabling Nvidia GPU powered GPU/CUDA batch patter search processing.

“I’ve admired Seceon’s approach and architecture for its innovative ML streaming processing of network and endpoint logs and flows for years and now I look forward to being a part of the team solving the big challenge of enabling MSPs and MSSPs to protect enterprises, small and medium sized businesses against today’s increasingly dynamic and AI-powered cyber threats,” said Waldek Mikolajczyk, Seceon VP of Cybersecurity Solutions Architecture.

“It’s interesting to see how security vendors are embracing the larger attack surfaces and rapid analysis of a real-time stream of logs, flows and events. Seceon’s platform and team’s approach and existing partners are already benefitting from AI/ML, this acquisition and the new hire will accelerate that,” said David Marshall, editor.

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Seceon enables MSPs and MSSPs to reduce cyber threat risks and their security stack complexity while greatly improving their ability to detect and block threats, and breaches at scale. Seceon’s Open Threat Management (OTM) platform augments and automates MSP and MSSP security services with our AI and ML-powered aiSIEM, aiXDR and aiMSSP platform. The platform delivers gapless coverage by collecting telemetry from logs, identity management, networks, endpoints, clouds, and applications. It’s all enriched and analyzed in real-time by applying threat intelligence, AI and ML models built on behavioral analysis, and correlation engines to create reliable, transparent detections and alerts. Over 300 partners are reselling and/or running high-margin, efficient security services with automated cyber threat remediation and continuous compliance for over 7,500 clients.


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