Seceon and JK Technosoft Announce Joint Webinar Series, Cyber Security for the Digital Era : Jan 11- Jan 12 2017 - Seceon

Offers Real-World Customer Insight on AI, Machine Learning and Dynamic Threat Models for Proactive Threat Detection and Elimination

New Delhi and Westford, Mass., December 15, 2016—JK Technosoft (JKT), and Seceon, have announced a webinar series on “Cyber Security for Digital-Era – AI, Machine Learning and Dynamic Threat Models for Proactive Threat Detection and Elimination,” scheduled for January 11th – Wednesday and January 12th – Thursday. Providing real-world customer perspective, this webinar will illuminate how to deploy these next-generation technologies strategically to identify real threats within minutes and act on them immediately.

Compromised credentials and insider threats account for 75 percent of data breaches according to the 2016 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report. In fact, in 98 percent of these cases, credentials are compromised and critical data lost just minutes after the breach. Staff and resource-constrained CXO’s faced with protecting valuable corporate data are quickly realizing that existing cyber security solutions are not designed to detect and prevent threats like this in real-time. Seeking advanced technologies to protect and defend corporate assets, CXO’s are interested in leveraging user behavioral analytics, machine learning and in-memory processing for data collection, analysis and automated prevention in real-time, but are challenged with how to deploy them strategically for rapid breach detection and response.
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