Leading comprehensive protection, detection, and response platform expands distribution channels to enable partners and enterprises with AI/M powered security operations.

Seceon, the pioneer of the first cybersecurity platform that augments and automates security operations services for MSPs, MSSPs, and enterprises with an AI and ML-powered aiSIEM, aiXDR, and aiMSSP platform, announces expanded distribution through TFG Tech First Group.

Seceon’s partner and customer base growth across the Middle East and Africa is accelerating, and TFG is expanding its cybersecurity offerings to include the leading comprehensive Seceon platform, including its SIEM, SOAR, NDR, XDR, and EDR/EPP capabilities.

Seceon’s CRO, Lalit Shinde, has been in the region extensively in recent months and reports the growing sophistication of security teams and confirmed the consolidation and modernization trend for security stacks and programs. With Seceon’s AI/ML-powered continuous detection and response platform MSPs/MSSPs and SOC teams are empowering their security teams to efficiently ingest telemetry from a wide range of attack surfaces and respond faster or automatically to only the alerts that present risks.

Seceon has been growing fast across the Middle East and Africa and has been actively blocking malware, ransomware, and attacks targeting the cloud and IoT/OT environments at the edge. Seceon’s platform enables existing IT and security teams to address key challenges such as the shortage of skilled resources, the increasing sophistication of threat actors, and the complexity of managing security controls.

“We are thrilled to announce our new distribution partnership with Seceon. Together, we’ll help the customers understand the cyber risk through an AI-based SIEM and enhance our market presence. Seceon’s expertise in threat detection and response aligns perfectly with our strategic goals. We aim to offer innovative solutions to our customers and stakeholders, providing value at scale,” said Akashdeep Singh, Chief Strategy Officer, Tech First Gulf

“We are excited to partner with TFG at GITEX this year. The TFG cybersecurity sales and engineering team is very strong, and we’ve been speaking on working on opportunities for some time, and now, with our distribution agreement, we can roll out GTM and enablement programs across the region,” said Lalit Shinde, CRO of Seceon, Inc.

About Seceon

Seceon enables MSPs and MSSPs to reduce cyber threat risks and their security stack complexity while greatly improving their ability to detect and block threats and breaches at scale. Seceon augments and automates MSP and MSSP security services with an AI and ML-powered aiSIEM, aiXDR, and aiMSSP platform. It delivers gapless coverage by collecting telemetry from logs, identity management, networks, endpoints, clouds, and applications. It’s all enriched and analyzed in real-time with threat intelligence, AI and ML models built on behavioral analysis, and correlation engines to create reliable, transparent detections and alerts. Over 300 partners are reselling and/or running high-margin, efficient security services with automated cyber threat remediation and continuous compliance for over 7,500 clients.


Seceon Press Contact:
William Toll
+1 (201) 220-5501

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