Seceon, the only threat detection and management company to visualize, detect, and eliminate cyber threats in real-time, today announced a partner agreement with Symtrex, Inc., a North American cyber security solutions provider and consultant. Joining other Seceon partners, Symtrex is now a strategic partner and a value added reseller of Seceon’s innovative Open Threat Management (OTM) platform, the industry’s first fully automated threat detection and remediation system.

“Symtrex is well-versed in the cyber security issues today’s enterprise customers face and understands the importance of helping them see and stop these threats as they happen and before they inflict damage,” said Chandra Pandey, Seceon founder and CEO. “We are confident that Seceon will enable Symtrex to quickly deliver advanced security solutions that will defend against the inevitable data breach before loss, damage or disruption occurs, while at the same time increasing profits and growing opportunities.”

“Our experience with enterprise customers has demonstrated that the only way to affect a consistent, proactive security posture is to be able to detect and respond to active threats at ‘machine speed’,” said Robert Hocking, President, Symtrex, Inc. “By automating the threat analysis, detection and response processes normally managed by humans, Seceon enables our customers to spot and eliminate active threats within minutes, dramatically speeding the time it takes to identify and stop breaches before damage is done.”.. Read More

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