This month Seceon was recognized in Silicon India’s annual siTech 20 featuring some of the most promising technology companies with Indian entrepreneurs at the helm. The number of Indian entrepreneurs is on the rise, and young Indian men and women are climbing the ladder of innovation. It is not about building a new business; it is about building a business that makes a difference, according to editors’ findings in this year’s Silcion India feature.

Seceon is one of those businesses.

Understanding the need to address corporate cyber security threats faster, Seceon is a company with an advanced cyber security threat management platform that Visualizes, Detects and Eliminates the threat in Real-Time. “The reason we exist as a company is all about helping businesses be proactive, detecting the threats before they cause irreparable damage and eliminating them in real time, across all aspects of their business, not just creating other silos. We provide comprehensive cyber security,” says Chandra Pandey, Founder and CEO of Seceon. The Seceon team leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence combined with dynamic threat models to identify the exact threat and completely eliminate it.  “It is about having a platform that can process real-time streaming data to surface actions, behaviors or patterns that are outside of the norm; we can tell you exactly what is wrong and contain/eliminate it,” adds Pandey.

We know that our team of enthusiastic and passionate members believes that the best only happens with the right set of people in place. Taking pride in what Seceon has achieved, we know that ‘You can have the best technology in the market, but if people around it don’t support it, then nothing will happen.’ “The right set of people on the team with you can create significant value for the industry. At Seceon we are motivated to add value to the industry with quality solutions and services. Our team has made it possible for us to achieve everything that we have already. The team empowers our partners and customers to move forward,” concludes Pandey.

To read more about Seceon this month, read the feature here:

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