Are you Tired of missing  Zero days, Multi-Step Attacks with Multiple Vectors (Ransomware, Spyware, APTs, etc.)?

Its Right Time to know Seceon Inc. is helping Thousand of Customer to Over come is day to day Challanges.

Talk with one of the thousands of customers using Seceon aiMSSP or aiXDR to learn why it does not miss any of these and always keeps improving the customer’s cybersecurity postures.

“Industry Best Cybersecurity EFFICACY, EFFICIENCY and ROI” and affordable to any size organization driven by disruptive innovations.

About Seceon aiXDR

Seceon aiXDR takes a holistic approach to cyber security by gathering deep insights from endpoints, servers, network devices, applications, IOT and security systems and applying user identity, threat intelligence and vulnerability assessment to establish threat profile, generate threat indicators, raise essential alerts and offer remediation path – automated or triaged. In essence, the solution ensures multi-layered threat detection and response, relying on EDR, Network Behavior, Advanced Correlation (SIEM), Network Traffic Analysis, UEBA (ML based) and SOAR for an All-In-One experience that is organically and seamlessly fused together.

  • Endpoint Security with agent-based and agentless technology for Windows, macOS and Linux OS
  • Behavior baselining with applied Machine Learning for users and entities based on host centric insights (services, processes, file access, telemetry etc) and network flows
  • Data Exfiltration (breach), Insider Threat and DDoS Attack detection with network traffic pattern analysis
  • Exhaustive reporting across several key areas – security, compliance, operations and investigation.
  • Rules based policy creation, enforcement and notification for appropriate action and governance.
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