This June, Seceon strategic distribution partner Information Development Co., Ltd (ID) will be debuting Seceon’s award-winning Seceon Open Threat Management (OTM) platform at Interop Tokyo 2017, the largest ICT event in Japan, held at Makuhari Messe. Recognized as a finalist for this year’s Best in Show award at Interop Tokyo 2017, Seceon OTM continues to receive industry accolades.

The rapid growth and increasing sophistication of cyber security attacks demand an ability to detect and eliminate threats as quickly as possible. For the first time in Japan, ID will be exhibiting Seceon’s next-generation security solution which leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to detect threats immediately – the Seceon OTM. The Seceon USA leadership team, including Seceon founder and CEO Chandra Pandey, will be available at Interop to speak directly to customers, addressing current technology, resource and talent challenges and offering unique perspective on the value of visibility, speed and prioritization when dealing with modern-day cyber threats.

Meet us at 6M12, Exhibit Hall 6, to see the live demo of how Seceon OTM detects and prevents various live attacks.

For many Japanese companies it takes months to notice threats and infringements after they first occur. In combination with a growing number of network-connected devices, which increase the attack surface and security risk, it is an important task to strengthen security visualization in real time. With Seceon’s OTM our customers can harness the power of machine learning and big data analysis to detect new cyber threats in real time and prevent attacks before their system is compromised. Seceon’s outstanding technology, sales performance and partner support, makes them the ideal partner for us when we expand in the Japanese marketplace.

Masaki Funakoshi , president of Information Development Co., Ltd.

With 95 percent of attacks either accessing or corrupting data within a few hours of a breach, enterprises are realizing they are not adequately equipped to defend against modern-day attackers. Information Development is a trusted provider to the Japanese IT and security market and is committed to offering its customers the most advanced security technologies available as the sophistication of attacks continues to evolve.”

Chandra Pandey, Seceon founder & CEO

Since ID kicked off sales of Seceon OTM in April, many prospects are interested in trials. That’s why ID has prepared hardware which has the OTM already preinstalled in it specifically for trial use….Once customers have tested Seceon OTM, they often say that they do not want to return the trial hardware to ID.

Kazuhiko Fukui, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Information Development Co. Ltd.

ID is lending out this trial hardware to all interested companies for a period of 30 days.

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    Mr. Yasuhiro Sakuragi, Information Development Deputy General Manager, Information Cyber ​​Security Department

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