Arun Gandhi, Director of Product Management

Seceon is honored to be featured in MarketsandMarkets’ MEA Cybersecurity Report’s Innovation Spotlight section in a global cybersecurity market. The report, which predicts the MEA cybersecurity market will reach USD 31.82B by 2023—up from USD 13.5B in 2017, highlights vendors who are providing pioneering products and technologies, enhancing the features and functionalities of existing security products, and integrating traditional security solutions with advanced technologies (Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Analytics, and Blockchain etc.) to offer comprehensive security platforms.

Seceon was recognized for its cutting-edge, innovative technology for protecting  organizations of all sizes against known and unknown cyberattacks. These include malware, ransomware, spyware, botnet, compromised credentials, insider threats, denial of services for applications & protocols, vulnerability exploits for web/emails/OS applications, data breaches and exfiltration, IT mistakes, IDS, network behaviors, and more.

Markets & Markets was impressed by Seceon’s Open Threat Management (OTM) Platform, and the aiSIEM and aiMSSP solutions that are based on OTM platform to enhance an organization’s security posture,. They highlighted Seceon’s use machine learning, behavioral analytics, dynamic threat models, and AI with actionable intelligence to provide real-time, fully automated threat detection, containment and elimination.

When speaking about innovations driving cybersecurity, Archana Bade and Anshika Gandotra, Industry Analysts at MarketsandMarkets noted, “First-generation SIEMs were complicated and more focused on reporting the insights than their detections. Next-generation SIEM solutions integrated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and big data analytics detect extremely sophisticated cyber-attack vectors and offer greater visibility and control into an organization’s networks. The accuracy of the SIEM solutions would further upsurge in the upcoming years with the increasing reliability of the logs collected by the SIEM systems.” Archana continued, “Seceon aiSIEM personifies our research and is well ahead of the industry.”

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