It’s no secret that security is one of the most pressing issues facing CXOs – and rightly so as each day’s headlines contain at least one story about a breach at a seemingly impenetrable major corporation. This is the precise reason we founded Seceon – after reading and discussing about yet another breach, it became painfully clear that a new approach was needed for Visualization, Detection and Elimination of Threat in Real-Time.

For the last 18 months this has been our focus. Our talented team of dedicated technology veterans from the Big Data, Security and Networking segments, has been hard at work developing a next-generation security solution capable of stopping the most dangerous threats to an enterprise organization’s network, data and intellectual property. During this time, we have received tremendous feedback from the market. Specifically, our benchmark for success has been the more than 30+ customer deployments/engagements that we are currently supporting—quite the accomplishment for a start-up of 50 people that just recently emerged from stealth mode.

We are pleased to now announce that we have recently received additional validation from the market, as we were recently named a finalist in Light Reading’s annual Leading Lights awards. As one of the most coveted and prestigious awards in the technology industry, the Leading Lights program each year recognizes some of the top brands across a wide range of technology areas. This year Seceon was named as a finalist in the “Most Innovative Security Strategy” category.

As a company that has only been sharing its solution publicly for just about a month, we believe that this distinction is an incredible achievement – especially when you consider just how many companies are calling themselves “security companies” these days. It is very humbling, indeed.

First, we would like to thank the editors and analysts at Light Reading and Heavy Reading for their acknowledgement of the innovation we are bringing to market.

Much of the credit, however, belongs to the talented team at Seceon who share a passion for delivering a holistic approach to security that is far superior to anything currently available in the market. It is the efforts and sacrifices of this team that have made it possible for us to achieve so much in such a short time.

I would also like to thank our customers who put their trust – and their networks – in a little known company with very big ambitions. This is not something we take lightly, and is the reason we all come to work every day (even weekends).

So, while we are just getting started, these types of early validations from the market are welcome signs that our approach is the right one. We look forward to sharing additional successes and milestones with the industry soon.

More information on the Leading Lights awards can be found here:

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