It’s quite evident, that despite huge amounts being spent on cybersecurity solutions, data breaches are still happening at an increasing rate and greater severity. Today’s organizations are too slow to identify and stop cyber threats from inflicting damage once the organization is breached. They need a cost-effective solution that detects and stops threats before any loss of data.

Traditional technologies are built on one fundamental flaw – smart humans must use an array of complicated tools to identify a threat and then figure out how to stop it. The problem is that 95 percent of attacks exfiltrate or corrupt data within a few hours of the breach—hardly enough time for smart humans to react! Seceon developed an approach that deploys analysis of all traffic, flows and processes in & out of the network and correlates them near-simultaneously with behavioral analytics, recognizing zero-day exploits and policies to surface threats and proposed responses in real-time. Moreover, this approach can easily be deployed within a few short hours in any size organization with little to no cybersecurity expertise required of enterprise or service provider staff.

See,Stop,Secure with SECEON

Seceon is focused on enabling organizations to see cyber threats clearly and quickly, stop threats from inflicting extensive damage through surgical containment and elimination and to predict all kinds of cyber attacks,sourced either internally or externally, through behavioral threat detection modeling and machine learning.

Businesses and service providers are challenged to find automated, affordable, fast and effective enterprise-class cybersecurity solutions that don’t require extensive and resource-intensive human intervention to analyze, detect, respond to, remediate and report threats before they cause extensive damage and loss. Gaining notoriety as an affordable, comprehensive solution that detects, responds to and eliminates threats in real-time, Seceon OTM is designed for any size.. Read More

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