Seceon, the pioneer of the first cybersecurity platform that augments and automates security operations services for MSPs and MSSPs, with an AI and ML-powered aiSIEM, aiXDR, and aiMSSP platform, announced two new innovative products designed to quantify and report on the value of the platform for its partners and their clients.

Seceon aiSecurity Score360 service provides comprehensive scanning and risk assessments of attack surfaces. It quantifies, prioritizes and benchmarks environments. The platform’s external scans include intelligence from the CVE, NVT, OVAL, and CPE databases. The modular dashboard includes charts and tables and “drill down” capabilities, making values in the dashboard meaningful and actionable.

Seceon aiSecurity BI360 enables partners to select from pre-set compliance and regulatory frameworks, including CMMC, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, NIST, GDPR and perform their own analytics and reporting. Analysts can combine both real-time and historical views of events and use that knowledge for better planning and predicting future attacks. Functionality includes the flexibility to customize reports, notate them, and brand them.

“I am excited about enabling the reporting of continuous compliance and providing a score for benchmarking and security postures, as our partners report having similar solutions that are not integrated and far too costly to license for clients,” said Chandra Pandey, CEO, Seceon.

“We’re hyper-focused on building best-of-breed cybersecurity solutions for our customers and Seceon is core to that strategy. Built on their aiSIEM platform, our award-winning solution, SentryXDR, offers proactive defense monitoring and alerting to safeguard our clients from various attacks and downtime-causing incidents. With the addition of these new capabilities, we will have a better way to communicate with our clients through monthly reporting and quarterly business reviews, while meeting ever-changing regulatory and compliance requirements,” said Keith Johnson, Chief Operating Officer at Logically. “Seceon understands our imperative to efficiently deliver continuous detection and response to cyber threats while also demonstrating the value of our security services. These enhancements are a testament to their continued innovation in cybersecurity.”

“Our team and Seceon’s innovative aiSIEM platform do a great job defending our clients from all kinds of attacks and downtime-generating events, and these two new services provide us with a better way to communicate that with our clients in monthly QBRs and at renewal time and with their auditors,” said Gitesh Shah, CEO & Founder, Samay Infosolutions

To learn more about these two new services, register for the webinar:

Analyzing and Reporting Risks for MSPs and MSSPs, with Seceon and partner, Logically Wednesday June 28, 2023, at 11am ET. Register 

About Seceon

Seceon enables MSPs and MSSPs to reduce cyber threat risks and their security stack complexity while greatly improving their ability to detect and block threats, and breaches at scale. Seceon’s Open Threat Management (OTM) platform augments and automates MSP and MSSP security services with our AI and ML-powered aiSIEM, aiXDR and aiMSSP platform. The platform delivers gapless coverage by collecting telemetry from logs, identity management, networks, endpoints, clouds, and applications. It’s all enriched and analyzed in real-time by applying threat intelligence, AI and ML models built on behavioral analysis, and correlation engines to create reliable, transparent detections and alerts. Over 250 partners are reselling and/or running high-margin, efficient security services with automated cyber threat remediation and continuous compliance for over 7,000 clients.

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